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    Vote Down an Idea

    Currently, you can't tell if an idea isn't highly rated because it has escaped people's attention, or if people actually think it is a bad idea. Allowing people to vote ...

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    Support for Single Sign on for the Ideas Management

    Support for Single Sign on for the Ideas Management, so that customers can login to our existing portal and create new ideas w/o having to go through another login.

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    Ability to delete or close a forum

    Once an Ideas forum has served its purpose, it would be good to be able to delete and /or close the forum.

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    "My Ideas" tab in IdeaSpace

    People creating ideas in IdeaSpace would like to see if they are getting any votes. This increases motivation for providing other good ideas. Currently the is a "My ...

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    Add File Attachments to Ideas

    It might be beneficial to allow a user to add an attachment within a list of predefined file types to help elaborate on their Idea being submitted. Images are a big one ...

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    Add Paging - Go straight to any page

    When you have more than one page it would be good to jump to a particular page rather than always having to page through the results one page at a time. 189 ideas at 20 ...

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    Consolidate ideas together

    Have a type of grouping or ability to have Idea #5 with 4 votes reference Idea #22 which has 25 votes and add a subcategory inside the detail view for #22 stating #5 is ...

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    Facility for ideas administrator to delete ideas.

    We have developed an import procedure for converting requests in our exiting V1 system into ideas for our new ideas forum. There is an inevitable amount of test data ...

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    Ability to Delete Ideas Categories

    We created a few too many categories in an Idea Space and would now like to delete some. When working in the Idea Forum, I see how to add and edit, but not delete. Would ...

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    Ability to Move Ideas between Idea Forums

    As a Forum Administrator to move an idea from one forum to the other. The scenario would occur when we have forums setup by product line. In this scenario a user ...

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    Promote a Request into Ideas

    We are gathering market evidence using Requests in V1. If an Idea needs validation, it super useful if we could promote or insert a request right into an Ideas forum, ...

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    Idea Notification Type

    I would like to be able to subscribe to a notification when a new idea is created. This way I wouldn't have to keep polling the ideas forum for new items. I would ...

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    in-house idea space

    as we have very strict security specifications we have to host the idea-space ourselfs in our own environment. we got the information from VersionOne (back in summer) ...

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    Skin my instance of Ideas with a custom css

    To integrate ideas into our corporate site we need to be able to brand it. The logo is a good start, but I need to be able to change colours, icons would be nice and we ...

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    Inhouse ideaspace

    We want to use VersionOne IdeaSpace. Unfortunately our Corporate Security is not allowing us to have a hosted environment. So we need to have an "Inhouse" Ideaspace. We ...

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    Add Feature Group to Requests

    Would like to see Feature Groups added as an "Extended Field" to Requests. Would also like to see the Feature Group carry over when generating a Backlog Item or Defect. ...

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    Ability to add more statuses

    Provide ability to add customized statuses to "candidate", "planned", "completed" to meet organizational needs. (i.e. In Progress, Requirements Gathering, etc. etc.)

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    Email notification setting for better filtering

    It would be great to have a possibility to customize the email notification to simplify filtering and notification checking/reading. Here are may ideas: - A possibility ...

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    Provide a tracking or reference number on ideas generated

    Provide a tracking or reference number on ideas generated so that the Product Owner and requestor can communicate/follow up effectively without a string of text to ...

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    Email/RSS feeds to product Owner (or additional team members)

    Provide ability to subscribe to email or RSS notifications for new ideas associated with a particular category and any additional comments to that idea.