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    Add Capacity (high-water mark) to Sprint Burndown

    At present, the Sprint Burndown shows the actual progress relative to the ideal burndown. However, this does not reflect whether there is cause for alarm. If the Sprint ...

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    Remove holidays in Version1 burndown

    If one day in the Sprint is a public holiday, the burndown line on that day will be flat. This is annoying and gives a wrong impression of the burndown. I need something ...

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    Automatic Task Movement - Taskboard (Task Tracking)

    When a team member enters zero hours into the "To Do" field in Task Tracking, that task should be moved to the Completed column. Conversely, when a task is moved to ...

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    You should receive notification when any story, defect, or issue is ...

    I get stories, defects or issues assigned and never know about it. I'm not in V1 all the time, so I don't look at my work list unless I need to.

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    Create defect from test

    Regardless of whether or not it is the 'right' way of doing things, people expect that every failed test has a corresponding defect. It would sure be nice to create a new ...

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    Convert a stroy task into a backlog item (story or defect)

    During planning we often put all the task related to a story and during the sprint we find that we are either lacking time to complete a particular task or that we under ...

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    Add a "Split To Backlog Item" field

    It would be nice to know when a story was split forward, not just that it was split from a previous story.

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    Hide (None) Column on Storyboard

    On the storyboard view when columns are defined by active status values, if no backlog items that have no status assigned are in a sprint, then the (None) column on the ...

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    Card Aging: Ability to configure work days (e.g. exclude weekends)

    Add the ability to configure standard work days for card aging (or minimally be able to exclude weekends). Currently cards age over weekends.

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    Allow Addition of Epic to Goal/Feature Group

    When adding items to Goals or Feature Groups, you are only allowed to add Backlogs, not their parent Epic. It would useful to add just the Epic so I could get all of the ...

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    Be able to see both tasks and tests on the same board (task + test ...

    Right now you have to visit both the task board and test board. It'd be nice if there was a combined view showing both items allowing users to sign up, move items, etc ...

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    Automatically burn down the TO DO value to zero when a task is moved ...

    The scrum master would find this useful especially if there are many tasks that need to be burned down to zero once completed. Once the task is moved to the completed ...

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    Horizontal Scroll Bar

    All the Horizontal Scroll Bar to be viewable on every page vs. just at the bottom of the screen. So if you have viewability of 200 items, but can only view 15 items on a ...

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    Add status change notification to tasks

    I need to be notified when the status of a task changes. There is currently a notification when a Defect or Story status is changed, but there is no notification when the ...

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    Allow notifications to have full description

    If the notifications contained more information of the details and whatnot, they would be infinitely more useful.

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    blocking at task/test level

    o Currently in V1, you can block a story with a blocking issue. The request was to be able to block tasks and tests with an issue; i.e. to complete the story of ‘search ...

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    Allow custom multi-select fields based on V1 Assets

    We have a situation where we need to report the progress of a story / request to multiple different members or relate it to multiple different projects. We can't do the ...

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    More robust notifications

    It would be nice to have a more robust notification system. I should be able to get notifications on defects, backlog items, feature groups, tasks, etc. around the ...

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    Show current item count in storyboard columns

    If I use the storyboard in a KANBAN fashion, I can set WIP limits based on status. Currently V1 displays the limit in the column header in parentheses (e.g. "[5]"). I ...

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    Sprint Planned vs Actual view/report

    Use Case: I am a ScrumMaster and/or a Product Owner and my team's burndown suddenly spiked upwards. I’m looking for a report or view to differentiate planned vs added or ...