It might be beneficial to allow a user to add an attachment within a list of predefined file types to help elaborate on their Idea being submitted. Images are a big one I'm thinking of right now.


  • This would definitely be a useful capability for our user community. We get this question a lot - our users want to be able to add screenshots and mockups to their Ideas submissions.

  • Have had a few customers ask for this. Is this in the plans?

  • This is becoming more and more important for our company.

    Users are requesting that we find alternative solutions.

    If this is to be our primary request/idea space, then we'll need this feature implemented.

    Hope you can find a way to get it in soon!

  • How about just using one of the on-line storage providers and doing some back OAUTH integration (e.g. Dropbox)

  • This feature would make the Ideas feature much more useful. A picture says a thousand words...

  • Our users definitely want to be able to add an attachment.

  • Can someone from development respond to this ever growing request? Is this on the development list and if so can you provide an ETA? Many thanks