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    Timesheet Alert if Over 8 Hours is Entered

    We would like to have an alert message box popup if a user enters more than 8 hours into their timesheet. This will prevent mistakes during time entry and notify a user ...

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    Save different user views

    I would like to be able to create and save different views, so I can reuse them without having to change my selected fields every time. When I export to Excel, there are ...

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    user time zones

    As a user of VersioOne for software development on a global team, I would like to set up time zones by user locations so that the system reports in a timezone aware ...

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    Sprint Planned vs Actual view/report

    Use Case: I am a ScrumMaster and/or a Product Owner and my team's burndown suddenly spiked upwards. I’m looking for a report or view to differentiate planned vs added or ...

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    Filter on any field

    You should be able to filter on any field in the system, but at the very least you should be able to filter on any field that is viewable in the grid. Our product teams ...

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    Saving Filters for Later Recall

    Would be great if there was a way to save filters and name them and make them available across your user base so that all they do to see is THEIR slice of the right data ...

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    SAFe Program Board "Yarn" Different Colors based on Dependency Status

    It would be helpful for the "yarn" on the Program Board to show red/yellow/green the same way it does for the dependency status icon. This isn't something that a ...

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    Backlog ranking in team rooms

    On a weekly basis I meet with my functional Management team to review our execution priorities and items which our teams are working on.. We would like the ability to ...

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    Add ability to log out when using SSO

    We use shared TVs during our daily standups to project our task boards. We would like the ability for one user to log out at the end of standup so that another user can ...

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    Filter using Boolean logic (ands, ors, nots)

    When filtering, I as a user or administrator would like more control over what to filter on by using operators like ands, ors, and nots. (I would like this ability when ...

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    Ability to create tasks and tests inline

    The new "Add Backlog Item Inline" is a great feature. It makes it very quick and easy to create new backlog items and defects very quickly. Unfortunately to create ...

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    Template Locking

    Is there a way to lock templates in V1? Someone deleted two templates with ~120 fields. The lowest level of user can delete templates - Team Member doesn't require Admin ...

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    Filter Sprint backlog on product owner

    You should be able to filter Sprint backlog on product owner for easy view status on "your" items within a ongoing sprint

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    Is anyone still using this custom field?

    Provide a log to show who is using a custom field - or if it's never been used.

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    Tag based search.

    Ability to add free form tags to Features, Epics, Stories and Defects and being able to search using that would help Business Stakeholders and teams. It could help search ...

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    Persist Updated Target Velocity on Sprint Scheduling Screen for all ...

    This is something we noticed during our SAFe Program Increment Planning event. We had the scrum master from each team talk to the team about capacity and determine the ...

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    Make the "Ideas" form customize-able for different intake processes

    We would like to be able to utilize the "Ideas" forum for requests from customers and stakeholders around our organization. However, rather than having an open text field ...

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    File repository

    It would be nice if a document repository could be created per project in V1. This should be unrelated to issues, backlog items, etc. It would be nice if a document could ...

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    Show current item count in storyboard columns

    If I use the storyboard in a KANBAN fashion, I can set WIP limits based on status. Currently V1 displays the limit in the column header in parentheses (e.g. "[5]"). I ...

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    Tagging of Stories

    As a VersionOne user I would like to be able to tag stories so that we can effectively group things as MMFs. The Epic functionality does not provide the value that we ...