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    Edit closed backlog items

    I'd like to be able to edit closed backlog items without having to re-open sprints/backlog items, then editing, then closing. the reason for this is that I would like to ...

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    Scrollable Views w/ Frozen Column Headings

    All views listing multiple rows of any data need to be scrollable and their column headings need to be frozen for vertical scrolling. When you customize your views to a ...

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    Filtering for "Is Not"

    It would be helpful to be able to filter for "Is Not". For Example - Owner Is Not So and So.

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    Ability to drag multiple items at the same time

    It would be wonderful if you could check/select multiple items in consecutive order and move them as a group up or down all at the same time.

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    Reply to Conversations by email

    As a user of V1 I would like to be able to reply to a Conversation email alert and have my reply added to that Conversation. This would allow me to more seamlessly and ...

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    team calendar for holiday's and vacation

    Each team should have a calendar where we can place our non-working days such as holidays and vacation days for view by the entire team. This calendar would then feed ...

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    Ability to revert an User Story back to a Request

    We are using the Request feature as an "Ice Box". Members forget to open a request and open an User Story instead. As the Scrum Master, I am unable to easily revert the ...

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    Filter team room by project

    I know we can set the project scope for team room, but there is no indication of the selected scope on the working screen. It is really easy to forget this may be set. ...

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    TeamRoom Backlog Panel - Show Blocked Backlog Items

    We would like the Backlog Panel (gray background) to show if a Backlog Item is blocked, i.e. has Blocking Issues. This would help in sprint planning in the TeamRoom as we ...

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    Remove holidays in Version1 burndown

    If one day in the Sprint is a public holiday, the burndown line on that day will be flat. This is annoying and gives a wrong impression of the burndown. I need something ...

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    Roadmaps - Additional Group by options

    Currently I'm only able to group our portfolio roadmap by Budget, Business Line, Priority, Source, Status, Strategic Theme and Type. What I really need is the ability ...

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    Change Email Updates to show Conversation in Reverse Chronological ...

    Reviewing the email updates from longer conversation chains becomes cumbersome because it requires scrolling to the bottom to review the latest update. Can these ...

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    Automatic Task Movement - Taskboard (Task Tracking)

    When a team member enters zero hours into the "To Do" field in Task Tracking, that task should be moved to the Completed column. Conversely, when a task is moved to ...

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    Add screenshots to conversations

    We use conversations to highlight potential issues with our engineers and build up a thread that includes everyone in the scrum team. It is very useful to be able to add ...

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    Configurable notifications

    I see a lot of requests on here for adding different types of notifications. It would be a lot more useful to be able to create our own notifications. For instance when a ...

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    Add a way to show "Split To" in addition to "Split From"

    Right now V1 only has a way to show you what a story split from, which allows you to move backwards in time to see all the previous splits. It would be great to also have ...

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    Hide (None) Column on Storyboard

    On the storyboard view when columns are defined by active status values, if no backlog items that have no status assigned are in a sprint, then the (None) column on the ...

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    Allow Tasks to be converted to Stories or Defects

    We are using Tasks as Defects, as the tool suggests, but many times during the development cycles a Task bug will not be fixed due to varies reasons. I would like to be ...

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    Allow Storyboard "in progress" to mirror Taskboard's "in progress"

    Currently the STORYBOARD "in progress" column does not automatically reflect tasks that have been moved from "to do" to "in progress" unless the respective story has its ...

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    Allow undo of "quick close"

    "Quick close" takes various actions based on they time of item being closed. The "quick close" button is also incredibly easy to hit inadvertently. It would be useful ...