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    Ability to copy attachments, dicussions, links from a request to a ...

    When creating a BLI or defect from a request, we lose the original attachments, discussions, links and so on from the original request. This is very painful in that ...

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    Be able to create read-only custom fields or disable fields in certain ...

    I would like to be able to create a field in VersionOne that is read-only from the UI (or maybe only editable by certain users) but editable via the API. This will help ...

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    Allow for some field to be made read-only

    We use a Customer Relationship Managment tool. Many people in our organization have access to that CRM tool. Some of the issues that are entered into our CRM tool get ...

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    Ability to permanently remove/delete deleted items. Might be handy if ...

    Ability to permanently remove/delete deleted items. Might be handy if an administrator could do this, or even regular users. Cleaning the recycle bin is expected.

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    Ability to add existing Regression Tests to an already generated Test ...

    Currently, once a test set is created (and perhaps initiated in a Sprint), the only methods to add additional tests to this test set is by creating a new (manual) test. ...

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    Reply to Conversations by email

    As a user of V1 I would like to be able to reply to a Conversation email alert and have my reply added to that Conversation. This would allow me to more seamlessly and ...

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    Email/RSS feeds to product Owner (or additional team members)

    Provide ability to subscribe to email or RSS notifications for new ideas associated with a particular category and any additional comments to that idea.

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    Ability to upload a document at the IdeaSpace screen and Idea ...

    Ability to upload a document in IdeaSpace so that the requestor can provide supporting information relevant to the request (i.e. screen shots, standard MS Office ...

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    Skin my instance of Ideas with a custom css

    To integrate ideas into our corporate site we need to be able to brand it. The logo is a good start, but I need to be able to change colours, icons would be nice and we ...

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    "Ideas" to be more configurable. The ability to add custom columns.

    I would like the "Ideas" to be more configurable. The ability to add custom columns, would allow me to manage the "Ideas" in VersionOne, as opposed to downloading the ...

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    Ability to flag duplicate or request a merge of multiple ideas.

    There are many duplicated ideas in the idea space. The net effect of this is that the votes are spread out over multiple redundant ideas and don't make it to the top of ...

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    Ability to add customized fields to the Idea Management Screen

    Ability to add customized fields to the Idea Management Screen so that the product owner and team can make better decisions on the item

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    Ability to Delete Ideas Categories

    We created a few too many categories in an Idea Space and would now like to delete some. When working in the Idea Forum, I see how to add and edit, but not delete. Would ...

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    Facility for ideas administrator to delete ideas.

    We have developed an import procedure for converting requests in our exiting V1 system into ideas for our new ideas forum. There is an inevitable amount of test data ...

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    Idea Notification Type

    I would like to be able to subscribe to a notification when a new idea is created. This way I wouldn't have to keep polling the ideas forum for new items. I would ...

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    Ability to customize cards on the team room Sprint Planning board

    As stories are added and moved between iterations different teams require different information to be displayed on the card while utilizing the Sprint Planning board in ...

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    T-Shirt size on Epic Roadmap

    Hello, I think that displaying the t-shirt size on the Epic Roadmap could be a real plus ! Thank you,

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    Estimably open the story and allow the presenter to see the votes cast ...

    I would like to see the story opened so that I can see everyone's voting in Estimably so that I know when voting is complete and i can end the vote. This will help by ...

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    Need for a sprint burndown by task

    I can't be the first... I don't want to use VersionOne as an hours tracker. I would like a sprint burndown by total number of tasks. I would like the team to focus on ...

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    Remember Backlog view preferences in Team Room

    You can choose to remove the forecast lines or to show all work but this preference isn't saved.