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    Templates for Requests

    We have implemented templates for our stories and defects but we would like to have templates for requests as well. At the moment, we copy the text from the story ...

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    My Work Function availability for Kanban Boards

    To see all tasks and stories you are assigned to is only possible as long as a story is added to a certain sprint. Therefore it is not possible to use the my Work section ...

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    Create defect from test

    Regardless of whether or not it is the 'right' way of doing things, people expect that every failed test has a corresponding defect. It would sure be nice to create a new ...

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    When viewing a defect, the Description field should be expanded by ...

    It is very annoying and time-wasting to have to click on Expand to view the Description *every* single time a defect is opened for viewing. At the very least, the state ...

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    Auto-Expand Story description on View

    In case story is opened in window it should have expanded description field, so person can read whole text quickly. This option might be selected in user preferences.

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    I suggest making "Expanded View" the Default View

    Every time an item is opened you have to expand the section you’re interested in, i.e Details or Manage Relations. This takes up valuable time and wasted mouse clicks ...

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    Allow My Epics to be added to My Work page in MyHome

    Going to My Home -> My Work It would be good if I could show all the epics I am owner of.

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    Scrollable Views w/ Frozen Column Headings

    All views listing multiple rows of any data need to be scrollable and their column headings need to be frozen for vertical scrolling. When you customize your views to a ...

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    Mobile App (Android, BlackBerry and iPhone) to allow for easy ...

    Mobile Apps for Android BlackBerry and iPhone to allow for easy review of Sprint status - Ability to change which release/sprint to view. - View a release backlog list. ...

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    Archive/purge old data

    Over the years a lot of data accumulates: Closed projects Closed backlog items Closed tasks & tests Audit trail information ("history") Archived messages [...] It would ...

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    Add screenshots to conversations

    We use conversations to highlight potential issues with our engineers and build up a thread that includes everyone in the scrum team. It is very useful to be able to add ...

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    Integrate with Skype for Business and/or Microsoft Teams

    It seems there is a lot of interest (in my company) in Atlassian because of their hipchat integration with dev tools. We also use Skype for Business in-house and I ...

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    Display Fields and Required Fields by Project

    We need to be able to mark a field to display on the asset (Story or Defect) by individual project. Currently, if you mark a field to display on Story assets in one ...

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    View Old Sprints for a project just like I do in current sprint or ...

    I need to see my previous historical sprints information exactly as I do for current and future sprint tracking for my project. Right now, when a sprint is closed out, ...

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    Allow Tasks to be converted to Stories or Defects

    We are using Tasks as Defects, as the tool suggests, but many times during the development cycles a Task bug will not be fixed due to varies reasons. I would like to be ...

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    Story-related defects vs. production defects

    Currently the way defects are implemented within V1, they are good for defects found in production. As defects they make it into the backlog and get worked in sprints. ...

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    Roadmap should allow Group/Color By Target Team

    Planning Rooms that are created for use by an Organization's management to plan the work across multiple underlying teams do not have the ability to easily identify which ...

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    Attachment Size Limit

    Currently the attachments are limited to 4mb each. I have a business requirements document I am trying to upload that is over that size. I can break it into two for ...

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    Support Floating Licenses as a user licensing model

    Floating Licenses require less administration overhead. The current model for VersionOne licensing causes wasteful administrative effort as people join and leave teams. ...

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    Ability to move the grids around in "My Work".

    Would be nice to have the ability to drag/drop grids and move them around in My Work.