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    Add Multiple Attachment Functionality

    We can already attach files to tasks, discussions and other parts of VersionOne. However, if you're like me and you frequently have to attach folders worth of files, the ...

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    Display User Story Number in Tasks in VersionOne

    It would be really helpful if tasks would display the user story number in addition to the task number. Currently, if I create a Software Implementation task for a user ...

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    Prevent the user from putting a Feature under another Feature in ...

    When a user places a Feature under another Feature, it creates problems in the Release Scheduling tab. It also creates problems when developers have to submit the ...

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    Project Admins should not be able to change or remove a System Admin ...

    I am a System Admin and I have trouble helping users when a Project Admin has removed me from a Project. I think it's better if a resource with a lower permission level ...

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    Need page level vertical scrolling in the Team Room - Story Board view

    We want an option to scroll the whole screen vertically at the page level (the old way), not the cell level, so that we get majority of the stories on the page. ...

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    Paste is STILL BROKEN

    I created this idea two months ago but it hasn't been resolved. If you want to paste text into a story--even copied from elsewhere in the story--but you've just pasted an ...

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    Freeze column titles in grid views

    Would love for a user to be able select to have column titles frozen (much like excel) in a grid view so that when you scroll down through multiple pages, the column ...

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    Column width still not supported?

    The biggest reason to fix this (from now 3 years ago!) is when switching to a projector for meetings, the reduced resolution causes fields that normally fit on larger ...

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    Improved handling of column widths in grids

    Column width in grids is not resized in order to fit with the lengths of texts in the columns. In my setup "Admin-Members-Project Assignment" the Project Membership ...

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    Can Class of Service order be reordered by 1) Expedited, 2) Fixed ...

    This is valuable because as it stands, the board is not a reflection of the priorities of the team. A Kanban board should be a reflection of the work priority for the ...

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    add support for AWS codecommit

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    Create a level above PI Objectives to be used for Train-level ...

    Similar to how Epics and Features function. This aligns with the SAFe framework's Program and Solution Objectives The Release Train Engineer summarizes the team ...

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    Undo for deleted conversations

    Thanks for implementing undo for other backlog items. How about for conversations? I just accidentally clicked the "Delete" link on a conversation when I meant to click ...

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    team calendar for holiday's and vacation

    Each team should have a calendar where we can place our non-working days such as holidays and vacation days for view by the entire team. This calendar would then feed ...

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    Increased Estimably session timeut

    Hello, Is it possible to configure the Estimably session to stop timing out after ~10+ minutes? We sometimes have numerous discussions around certain stories and ...

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    Menu Links should be possible to open in new tab / window

    We are using Menu Links to open an external application and with the current implementation of Menu Links it opens a window inside VersionOne, we would like to get the ...

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    User Story Mapping

    As a Product Manager/Product Owner, I want to have the ability to visually layout my users stories, epics on a 'whiteboard/sticky note' area in a drag and drop fashion, ...

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    story point burndown

    Currently the burndown in the team room is based off of hours. Our teams are trying to move aways from hours and use relative estimates instead. With this, the need for ...

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    Undelete a conversation

    I just deleted a conversation by mistake, would be nice to have the option to undelete it.

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    T-Shirt size on Epic Roadmap

    Hello, I think that displaying the t-shirt size on the Epic Roadmap could be a real plus ! Thank you,