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    We'd like to be able to converse with all members of a 'Team Room' in ...

    Need the ability to select a 'Team Room' (and therefore all members part of that Team Room) as an alternative to having to searching for and selecting individuals when ...

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    Support for detail estimation in regression test

    Currently it is not possible to add estimated effort to regression tests. They has to be added manually to generated test set.

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    team calendar for holiday's and vacation

    Each team should have a calendar where we can place our non-working days such as holidays and vacation days for view by the entire team. This calendar would then feed ...

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    Fully manage custom fields, list types, etc

    Custom fields and lists are very limited at the moment in that they cannot be deleted (for custom list types), renamed, moved in order, nor be required to be filled in ...

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    Bulk updates

    When I'm in the Backlog, I'd love to be able to do bulk updates - select several records and change the owner of ALL of them in a single operation (to the same person) or ...

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    Disable click to edit

    Recently, a feature was added so that when viewing a backlog item, basically anywhere you click will suddenly change that field to an edit field. For example, when ...

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    Filter using Boolean logic (ands, ors, nots)

    When filtering, I as a user or administrator would like more control over what to filter on by using operators like ands, ors, and nots. (I would like this ability when ...

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    As a BA having several projects simultaneously, I should be able to ...

    Not all of my projects have the same focus of importance when reviewing requirements with the team. I have to customize my grid each time I switch projects depending on ...

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    User Story Mapping

    As a Product Manager/Product Owner, I want to have the ability to visually layout my users stories, epics on a 'whiteboard/sticky note' area in a drag and drop fashion, ...

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    Scrollable Views w/ Frozen Column Headings

    All views listing multiple rows of any data need to be scrollable and their column headings need to be frozen for vertical scrolling. When you customize your views to a ...

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    Default Story/Defect Template for Project

    It would be helpful to designate an optional default story & defect template, by project. By doing so, any new story or defect would be generated from that template. ...

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    Feature Dependencies

    We would like to have the ability to create a dependency between features. We are able to prioritize the features, but it would be useful if we could create ...

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    Edit closed backlog items

    I'd like to be able to edit closed backlog items without having to re-open sprints/backlog items, then editing, then closing. the reason for this is that I would like to ...

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    Mobile App (Android, BlackBerry and iPhone) to allow for easy ...

    Mobile Apps for Android BlackBerry and iPhone to allow for easy review of Sprint status - Ability to change which release/sprint to view. - View a release backlog list. ...

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    Templates for Requests

    We have implemented templates for our stories and defects but we would like to have templates for requests as well. At the moment, we copy the text from the story ...

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    Filter on any field

    You should be able to filter on any field in the system, but at the very least you should be able to filter on any field that is viewable in the grid. Our product teams ...

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    Skin my instance of Ideas with a custom css

    To integrate ideas into our corporate site we need to be able to brand it. The logo is a good start, but I need to be able to change colours, icons would be nice and we ...

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    Remove holidays in Version1 burndown

    If one day in the Sprint is a public holiday, the burndown line on that day will be flat. This is annoying and gives a wrong impression of the burndown. I need something ...

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    Required Fields Should Be Allowed to Be Blank When First Creating New ...

    As a VersionOne user I would like to create new Backlog Items, Defects, and Tasks from templates without providing a value for one or more of the required fields because ...

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    Edit Custom Columns

    I can create a custom column but cannot edit it. It would be useful to be able to at least change the name of it. At this point if I want to rename a custom column I have ...