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    Track history of workspace assets

    Track who last made changes to workspace assets. We have a lot of people with admin access and people keep mistakenly making assets "required across all projects". We'd ...

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    Backlog Item Status Change Requirements

    I'm looking for a simple mechanism to require certain fields be set before a backlog item can be put into a status or range of statuses. Ideally, I would imagine this ...

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    History is lost when converting between backlog items and defects

    This is a defect. When converting a backlog item to a defect or vice versa, any history prior to the conversion is lost.

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    VersionOne for Linux Server

    It would be of great benefit for those of us that have strictly linux based environments to be able to deploy this to a linux server such as RedHat Enterprise Linux, ...

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    Would like more flexibility in Project Roles

    It would be helpful to have the ability to refine specific things that each project role is allowed to do. This is more important in an enterprise where large programs ...

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    Timesheet Alert if Over 8 Hours is Entered

    We would like to have an alert message box popup if a user enters more than 8 hours into their timesheet. This will prevent mistakes during time entry and notify a user ...

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    Default values for fields

    Allow projects to have default values specified for fields (without using templates).

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    Ability for admin users to setup V1 notifications for other users

    There are situations where it would be helpful for a centralized person to add notifications for a group of users. At a minimum this could be solved if an admin could ...

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    Add and Change roles

    In Version the role list is fixed, but many organisation and projects has other roles defined in their processes. In frameworks for processes like ISO15504 and CMMI there ...

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    Ability to inactivate old team rooms

    Rather than deleting an existing old team room we'd like the ability to inactivate it so that we can refer to the data from it or reactivate it in the future.

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    Export of stories + associated links

    I would like to be able to export stories from a particular view with their associated links. Currently you can only export Links, by individually opening up the Link ...

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    I would like to be able to view the current number of purchased ...

    It's quite annoying that account administrator cannot know how many licenses he currently have

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    Email to all users at once OR Announcement Banner

    We always prefer to send email to all of our users at once, if something needed to notify all users for any change. So this is one of the main feature missing in V1 and ...

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    Query Builder (Wizard)

    Ability to build the data API calls in a GUI.

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    Revoking Access in bulk

    We have use case where we have to revoke the access of most users to a Planning level. If the planning level had a lot of user access before, revoking them requires going ...

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    Support Floating Licenses as a user licensing model

    Floating Licenses require less administration overhead. The current model for VersionOne licensing causes wasteful administrative effort as people join and leave teams. ...

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    Fully-customizable security schemes

    It should be possible to customize the security scheme. An administrator should be able to define any roles they wish, with whatever permissions they like. This would ...

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    Allow default action on stories/tasks in sprint tracking to be ...

    The default action on stories and tasks in the sprint tracking view is "Quick Close". It would be useful to make this default user-configurable.

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    Resend Invite Email

    When selecting "Invite Members", the system will automatically send an email to the user, which is great. However, if you want to resend the user the email or if you ...

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    Configurable notifications

    I see a lot of requests on here for adding different types of notifications. It would be a lot more useful to be able to create our own notifications. For instance when a ...