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    team calendar for holiday's and vacation

    Each team should have a calendar where we can place our non-working days such as holidays and vacation days for view by the entire team. This calendar would then feed ...

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    Import Member Capacity

    As a scrum master, I would like to be able to import the capacity for my team members since it is time consuming and error prone entering the hours manually.

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    Add a visual indicator of capacity in the Detail Planning list

    It would be very helpful to have a visual indicator in the Sprint Scheduling and Detail Planning lists to show where your capacity cutoff point is. If you have 50 tasks ...

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    Copy Tasks/Tests from Template for Defects!

    Can we get the ability to copy tasks and tests for defects? This capability was added for Stories in the Summer '09 release, but not for defects? We need to plan and ...

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    When I am adding tasks to a story, I would like to be able to set the ORDER (and DEPENDENCY) of tasks so that I can easily see the story tasks and monitor impediments and ...

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    Sprint Mapping Tool

    During sprint planning my teams plan out their tasks and map them to the days in the sprint they plan to close them (as well as the stories themselves). This enables them ...

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    Capacity planning improvement suggestions

    It would be nice if a team had the following extensions beyond a simple edit box numeric value for capacitiy per user. As an example some of our teams state the base ...

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    Allow relationships (dependencies) between tasks.

    Allow "Task B" to be dependent on the completion of "Task A" and provide a visual way to see these dependencies in the Taskboard. This will help team members identify ...

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    See how many story points are allocated to team members during ...

    Who would want this: Teams that assign owners to backlog items and want to check if team members are evenly loaded. Why is it valuable: Show the team that the member ...

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    Drag backlog items and tasks to members in order to assign owners

    On the Member Planning it would be great if members could be assigned to tasks and backlog by dragging them to a specific member. This could also be used for dragging a ...

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    Standard deviation in velocity/release forecasting

    In the release forecasting tally give you can automaticab in Release Planning, the numbers are currently exact. It would be nice if the velocity field would be computed ...

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    Estimation knowledge base

    For task estimation: I would like a hyper quick lookup took based on keywords that mines all prior tasks logged by that team and returns matching tasks, the estimate, the ...

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    Roll-up all estimates on member planning view

    Needed by teams who allocate tasks during sprint planning. This would provide a better overview of who is overloaded with work. Currently V1 in the Member Planning view ...

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    Ability to apply templated tasks to an existing defect

    For features we are able to add templated tasks to an existing ticket, but isn't available for defects. Would like to see the ability to have this functionality for ...

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    Interactive Estimating Assitant

    For less experienced teams, estimating might be harder. For their benefit, information on how to estimate is the single best thing you can give them. Suggest creating a ...

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    Work Items Created from Templates Should Default to Selected Project - ...

    When user creates story from template, the default project is not the project selected in “my projects” but is the system project so the sprints you can pick from are ...

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    Custom colors in "Cumulative Flow by Status" chart on Standup ...

    Examples of default colors for backlog item states are that "Impeded" has the color green and "Done" has the color dark blue. It would be great to be able to select more ...

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    When closing items, do not return to top of screen

    It is a pain in the ass when I am going through and closing tasks and every time I have to scroll back to where I was on the board. It would be nicer if you closed ...

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    Add the Plan Defect capability

    There is an idea entitled "Allow an existing or story to have a template applied to it" which, if you read the description, should have said "defect or story", as the ...

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    Add Split to actions available for a backlog item on the task board

    The first part of our sprint (iteration) planning is to figure out what stories are carrying over from the previous sprint and to split them into the new one. It's ...