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    Increased Estimably session timeut

    Hello, Is it possible to configure the Estimably session to stop timing out after ~10+ minutes? We sometimes have numerous discussions around certain stories and ...

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    Menu Links should be possible to open in new tab / window

    We are using Menu Links to open an external application and with the current implementation of Menu Links it opens a window inside VersionOne, we would like to get the ...

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    User Story Mapping

    As a Product Manager/Product Owner, I want to have the ability to visually layout my users stories, epics on a 'whiteboard/sticky note' area in a drag and drop fashion, ...

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    Undelete a conversation

    I just deleted a conversation by mistake, would be nice to have the option to undelete it.

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    T-Shirt size on Epic Roadmap

    Hello, I think that displaying the t-shirt size on the Epic Roadmap could be a real plus ! Thank you,

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    Ability to work with multiple projects at the same time in different ...

    Today if you switch in one browser window to a different project then all other windows also switch to it under the hood and the next click on "Sprint Planning" brings ...

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    "Add Story from Template", "Add Defect from Template", etc actions on ...

    In addition to the 4 actions on Backlog grids that are currently available ("Add Story Inline", "Add Story", "Add Defect Inline", "Add Defect"), I'd like to see actions ...

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    unestimated stories in roadmap view

    Currently the SWAG estimate is displayed in the top right corner of each Epic in the Roadmap view. This should be configurable as a setting where an option to display the ...

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    Roadmap should allow Group/Color By Target Team

    Planning Rooms that are created for use by an Organization's management to plan the work across multiple underlying teams do not have the ability to easily identify which ...

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    Visuality of Dependencies of Portfolio Items on the Roadmaps / ...

    It would be very useful and clear if we could see dependencies of our Backlog Items (Portfolio Items) also on the Timeline view (as lines between the Backlog Items ...

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    Attachment Size Limit

    Currently the attachments are limited to 4mb each. I have a business requirements document I am trying to upload that is over that size. I can break it into two for ...

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    Color entire card rather than just a colored dot

    It would be nice to be able to color an entire card on the storyboard rather than just place a colored dot on the card. The colored dots can get lost in the clutter. ...

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    Team Room - filter backlog

    Ability to filter backlog panel in team room using all filters. Especially useful with estimably so that we don't try to estimate stories that are not defined yet.

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    Allow "NOT" and "Is NULL" as filter operators.

    Trying to see what User Stories don't have Epics assigned is difficult unless the list is sorted by that field. It would be much more effective to just add "NOT" and "IS ...

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    Card Aging: Ability to configure work days (e.g. exclude weekends)

    Add the ability to configure standard work days for card aging (or minimally be able to exclude weekends). Currently cards age over weekends.

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    Support for scheduled reports

    Give user the ability to schedule reports which can be delivered thru email on daily, weekly or monthly basis. It automates the periodic report generation and saves ...

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    Create new backlog from an Email

    Most 90% or more of my backlog items usually originate in an email thread. Ex. Someone requests marketing collateral or a change to the website or recommends that we look ...

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    Allow for views in Portfolio Kanban

    Similar to other areas within VersionOne, I'd like the ability to create and save views for the Portfolio Kanban board.

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    Add a "Split To Backlog Item" field

    It would be nice to know when a story was split forward, not just that it was split from a previous story.

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    Kanban metrics

    Having worked in a Kanban fashion within V1 for a while now, there are a number of needs around metrics that have emerged. We would really like these capabilities: - ...