• Planned


    Group the Storyboard by Project

    As far as I've seen it the Storyboard can only be grouped by Priority, Source, Status, Type and Risk (and Type, and Resolution for Defects). I would really like to be ...

  • Planned


    Additional fields on cards

    Allowing additional fields on cards would help out teams who would like to see more than the three customizable data elements.

  • Planned


    include attachments when splitting a backlog item

    Currently when you split a backlog item to carry it into the next iteration, the attachments do not move into the next backlog item. This is creating problems for teams ...

  • Planned


    Be able to have more than 3 infos in workitem cards on storyboard and ...

    As a ScrumMaster, I'd like to be able to add more than 3 infos in my workitem cards on my storyboard and taskboard Storyboard > Customize > Card Options

  • Planned


    Allow for views in Portfolio Kanban

    Similar to other areas within VersionOne, I'd like the ability to create and save views for the Portfolio Kanban board.

  • Planned


    Allow conversion of story to defect and vice versa even if required ...

    Currently, if you are trying to convert from a defect to a story or vice versa and the target asset has a required field that does not exist on the source asset, the ...

  • Planned


    If a field is set to required for a Defect work item, but that field ...

    We added "Found in Build" as a required field for a Defect. However, if later one tries to convert a Backlog Item to a Defect, the conversion will fail. Since "Found ...

  • Planned


    Templates for Requests

    We have implemented templates for our stories and defects but we would like to have templates for requests as well. At the moment, we copy the text from the story ...