• Planned


    Ability to Have "Favorite" Filters in the Portfolio Tree View to ...

    As a BA I work with multiple teams and I use the Portfolio Tree View frequently to see what work needs to be planned or completed. Every time I need to switch teams, I ...

  • Planned


    "My Filters" should offer all of the filtering capabilities of an ...

    Items currently missing when creating a custom filter from "My Filters" * Show Tasks and Tests * Show Closed Items * Find There may be others, but would be great if ...

  • Planned


    Saving Filters for Later Recall

    Would be great if there was a way to save filters and name them and make them available across your user base so that all they do to see is THEIR slice of the right data ...

  • Planned


    Save different user views

    I would like to be able to create and save different views, so I can reuse them without having to change my selected fields every time. When I export to Excel, there are ...

  • Planned


    Milestone Overlays for Epic Timeline

    Please can we get simple milestone items onto the timelin with a key. Release Dates, Business / Contract launch dates or Committed Feature go live date etc. I have seen ...

  • Planned


    Ability to Manually add Milestone Dates to the Roadmap View

    I would like to be able to manually add dates to the Roadmap that signify important dates within the release process that don't necessarily relate to the start or end ...

  • Planned


    Enhance the Goals Feature

    Add the capability to filter, sort or search by goal; it would be especially useful in product planning and iteration planning views. Please also enhance goals so that ...

  • Planned


    Custom fields for Goals

    Allow creation of custom fields on Goals - would really like to have "Target Date" field there. It's nice to have goals, but in planning for goals, you typically want to ...

  • Planned


    Continuum API: List Changes

    I use the API to query change data for auditing and metrics. Currently the API only allows me to pull changes by Pipeline Instance, and I can only pull the past 100 ...

  • Planned


    Flow/Manage Projects: Project Details Visibility

    We have over 50 projects in our Manage Project page. If the project I need to manage is at the bottom of the page, selecting it displays the project details and other ...

  • Planned


    Stop Grid Refreshes: I want all grids, but especially in release ...

    As a VersionOne User, I want all grids, but especially in release planning and sprint tracking, to stop going back to the top whenever I modify an item in the middle or ...

  • Planned


    Publish Roadmap to SharePoint

    If I could publish a roadmap to SharePoint, that would be awesome. This would also provide a workaround to the issue that one has to have a V1 logon to view a roadmap, ...

  • Planned


    Viewing published Epic Timelines

    We need a way for team members to go back in and see published roadmaps. Right now you can ony go back and see the ones you publish.

  • Planned


    Ability to print or export the roadmap plan

    Printer support would be very helpful.