• Planned


    team calendar for holiday's and vacation

    Each team should have a calendar where we can place our non-working days such as holidays and vacation days for view by the entire team. This calendar would then feed ...

  • Planned


    Bulk updates

    When I'm in the Backlog, I'd love to be able to do bulk updates - select several records and change the owner of ALL of them in a single operation (to the same person) or ...

  • Planned


    Continuum API: List Changes

    I use the API to query change data for auditing and metrics. Currently the API only allows me to pull changes by Pipeline Instance, and I can only pull the past 100 ...

  • Planned


    Flow/Manage Projects: Project Details Visibility

    We have over 50 projects in our Manage Project page. If the project I need to manage is at the bottom of the page, selecting it displays the project details and other ...