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    Display sum of estimates column

    On a given page, a user should be able to view the sum of the estimates at the bottom of the Estimates column

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    Create new backlog from an Email

    Most 90% or more of my backlog items usually originate in an email thread. Ex. Someone requests marketing collateral or a change to the website or recommends that we look ...

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    Customize Print Card Feature - Add additional fields

    The ScrumMaster and Product Owner use the print capability to physically post the story cards on a wall for planning & collaboration. Prior to the enhancement we did this ...

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    Allow attachments, links, relationship tab when creating new backlog ...

    When creating a new backlog item, we have to save the backlog before we can add attachments, links, and other relationships items(task, tests, dependencies, etc). ...

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    Support for detail estimation in regression test

    Currently it is not possible to add estimated effort to regression tests. They has to be added manually to generated test set.

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    "Add Story from Template", "Add Defect from Template", etc actions on ...

    In addition to the 4 actions on Backlog grids that are currently available ("Add Story Inline", "Add Story", "Add Defect Inline", "Add Defect"), I'd like to see actions ...

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    Be able to select multiple issues or defects or backlogs and drag/drop ...

    Be able to select multiple issues, defects, backlogs and drag/drop within a view. Now the only way I know to do it is to select various items throughout the project and ...

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    Put back the ability to convert Epics to stories and back

    The 2012 release dropped the ability to easily convert between epics and stories. I would like to be able to decompose my epics until I decide I have gone deep enough, ...

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    Print Epic Cards

    I would like the ability to print epic cards for a physical tracking board.

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    Enhance the Goals Feature

    Add the capability to filter, sort or search by goal; it would be especially useful in product planning and iteration planning views. Please also enhance goals so that ...

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    Create a Template from an existing Story

    Would be helpful if you could take an existing story & tasks and make it a template so it could be reused across projects without having to copy and rename.

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    Manually order project list

    Current projects are presented in an alphabetical order. Using scrum in the enterprise, it is difficult to convey relative project priorities. As an enterprise user, I ...

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    Would like the ability to assign Product Owner to Defect records.

    The Product Owner drop down is not available on Defects, we would like to have the ability to set the Product Owner on defects. This would enable our POs that share a ...

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    Add custom fields to a Regression Test

    Add custom fields to a Regression Test - also include those custom fields created with a test when you convert a to Regression test

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    Make all tabs active when creating a backlog item/defect

    When adding a new backlog item or defect, only the Details tab is available. To add information on the Relationships, Links, Attachments, or Discussions tabs the user ...

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    Roadmaps - Additional Group by options

    Currently I'm only able to group our portfolio roadmap by Budget, Business Line, Priority, Source, Status, Strategic Theme and Type. What I really need is the ability ...

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    Icon/Visual clue to show a Story is broken by a Defect

    Would it be possible to have an icon show up as a visual clue to show when a story is broken by a defect (similar to the icon that shows up when there is a blocking issue ...

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    Generate BLI or Defects from Requests, Issues, etc using templates

    It would be nice if the template feature could be used when generating backlog items or defects from assets such as the Request or Issue. As it is, when a BLI or defect ...

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    Ability to set Owners or Customers for multiple workitems at the same ...

    It would be really helpful to be able to select multiple Workitems and then set the Owner or Customer for them in one action. I've just set the same customer for 15 ...

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    Allow moving Feature Groups to a lower project-level

    Currently Feature Groups can be moved only higher in the project-hierarchy. We find this limitation artificial and pointless. Please allow moving Feature Groups also to ...