It would be helpful to be able to filter for "Is Not". For Example - Owner Is Not So and So.


  • I have lots of portfolios and want to exclude just one from the backlog. Filtering by Is Not would be a great solution.

  • ref. ideaspace 2947, which I think is similar (

  • I also often need the option for filtering on "NOT EQUAL TO"

  • Our organization also has a need for this functionality. Please consider adding this to a future release.

  • Our Institution would also like the Is Not filtering option. Please consider adding this to a future release as it would be very helpful.

  • When leading refinement sessions we often use the "Show Unestimated Only" option in the team room backlog so we can quickly find the next unpointed story to bring into Estimably. However, there is currently no way for me to filter he same way in the backlog. I want to filter where Est Points "Is Null" in the backlog. I figure that is similar enough to the OP request to add my request to this.

  • Needed!!!

  • "is not" or "not equal to" would be much appreciated. I've tried to do this on multiple occasions only to be disappointed that it is not a current possibility.

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