Trying to see what User Stories don't have Epics assigned is difficult unless the list is sorted by that field. It would be much more effective to just add "NOT" and "IS NULL" to the filter operator and still allow other sorting. Currently, only "IS" is available as a filter operator.

I'm sure this would be helpful on most fields. There may also be other operators that would be helpeful, i.e. > or < or even between 2 selections.


  • Yes, and...

    Please consider allowing filter expressions to have OR rather than just AND. Although many users like the guided filtering (drop-down lists), perhaps using a free-form, SQL-based, search expression would support most other search needs.

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  • This would be a great help to our organization. Please add this feature to enhance what you have already done with filtering.

  • Agreed. This is a natural (and much needed) addition to what's been done so far.

  • This would be a great improvement - I often want "NOT"

  • An example for what it will be used for. I would like to filter all backlog items with no estimate to remind people that something is missing. With this issue and others where we cannot create a view, we have to export to Excel and filter. It it timeconsuming and goes against our plan for always using VersionOne. Having to do too much administration outside VersionOne is one of the reasons that it is not a very popular tool in out organisation

  • It would be excellent to filter on items that don't have owners (i.e., "Owner - Is - Empty / NULL"). It would also be great to be able to filter on items that don't have any tags at all (i.e., "Tags - Is - Empty / NULL").

  • Adding ability to filter on items that are blank, empty or null would be a huge increase in efficiency. Things such as don't have owners, any tags at all, etc.

  • Great idea. Being planned anytime soon?

  • Yes Please. This would be huge.

  • FYI, this has been addressed in the most recent updates, as there is a new concept called "Is Empty" or "Is Not Empty".

  • Nevermind - that was just for number fields. Still an issue!