Give user the ability to schedule reports which can be delivered thru email on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

It automates the periodic report generation and saves users' time.


  • Yes, yes, yes. We are hosted and I do backups (just in case). I could stop doing this with this functionality.

    The API could support this, but I haven't had the time/money to invest in going this route.

  • Could be useful, although integration with a wiki/cms/whatnot would be more interesting.

  • This would be a great feature to add... our developers are not in the habit of entering their actual time against tasks, and that causes headaches at the end of every iteration. If I could have the 'member actuals' report created and emailed out to a configurable list of users, my role would be so much more efficient.

    And there are many other reports that I'd love to have emailed out to executives on a regular basis.

  • Yes - I can't believe this doesn't exist!

  • 2 Analytics features are needed to make scheduling reports useful:

    1. You need the ability to specify email addresses and/or output locations in the reports (not in a popup screen) so that the report can run in silent mode. This is a must have enhancement.

    2. When generating these silent reports no one wants to receive 5 or 10 (or more) separate email reports. There should be an ability to create a scheduled task that allows you to select several reports and output them to a location and/or email them combined in one email to whomever you specify. Ideally when you create the task you have a method to specify the email addresses and/or output locations instead of in the report and specify an email header (i.e. Team 1 VersionOne Reports <date xxxx>). This enhancement could replace the first one specified to embed the output/email address in the reports.

    It isn't unusual for me to receive several hundred emails a day, most of which are filtered out and I suspect most people in my division have the same issue. Anything that can be done to combine data to limit emails would be greatly appreciated and would have a much higher tendency to avoid being ignored or filtered out.

  • This is a much needed feature because otherwise manually running and publishing custom reports is tedious.

  • Please. Yes. Absolutely. I have to run several of the reports I've created every day and pull that data into excel so I can properly report everything as part of my job. If we could automate the reports, this would cut out about 25% of my first hour, which is nothing but updating dashboards, visible burndowns, etc. It would also allow me to create reports for the various team leads so they have a better understanding of where they stand, what is "on their plate", etc.

  • Yes this is needed.

  • Agreed! Weather it is Tom L's solution or simply allow me to submit automated emails to groups per report, both would be great.

  • We also need this desperately. Any idea if/when this will be implemented?

  • Agree! Management often does not have the time to run reports themselves, but is interested in the data. Having a scheduler that would automatically email daily reports, would be a huge time saver.

  • This would be a fantastic option. An api would also allow integration in a dashboard to give up-to-date reports to all who do not have or really need versionOne access. I would also like that our agile customers are able to submit requests to the backlog through the dashboard using an api. This would greatly improve the transparency and way of working.

  • needed!