Would be great to expand the "Generate a Story" action in the Requests tab to include an option to use a template - combines two nice features, and will encourage the use of Request form.


  • We use the requests form and sometimes create multiple backlog items for different parts of a request. We want to use templates as some of the backlog items are the same between projects. When you create a backlog item from a request, the backlog item is shown on the request, if you create it from a template the information is lost from the request. While this information is available from other places it is really useful to have here.

  • This is an excellent idea, in fact this is the #1 reason we don't use requests or issues. We have templates for both defects and requirements that have several tasks attached including estimates, effort and all our QA tasks and it is a huge PITA to have to create all those tasks from scratch.

  • I agree. This should be in the product. This is over a year old. Is there any updates on this.

  • agree - most of our requests follow a similar pattern, and a template would be most helpful

  • The feature "Generate from Story Template" would greatly streamline the repetitive nature of creating story and task using story templates. Yes, teams could create the story from template then link to the request. The workflow would require user copying the data from the request and assigning the story each time. The application should have this built-in capability.

    Is this on the V1 roadmap?

  • This would be something hugely beneficial to our organization as it would save time and effort creating backlog items for each request and get more of our users and teams fully using V1.

  • Any status on this?

  • This is a major blocker in a daily work. Can this be prioritized?