Currently, if you use Version Control with Quality Center, the V1 integration will no longer work. I tested this by having a test integrate with QC and the preference turned off. It worked perfectly. As soon as I enable Version Control, it no longer works and I get an error.


  • Yes, it would be a great thing if V1 could integrate with Quality Center when version control is enabled. It's a very simple thing to code to check items in and out of version control. We've done it with some of our custom workflow in QC. Here's a sample of the error message received:

    System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040410): Can't update test #436, test is not checked out by current user.
    at TDAPIOLELib.ITest.Post()
    at VersionOne.ServiceHost.QualityCenterServices.QualityCenterClient.CreateQCTest(String title, String description, String externalId)
    at VersionOne.ServiceHost.QualityCenterServices.QualityCenterReaderUpdater.CreateTest(V1TestReady testData)