It is very annoying and time-wasting to have to click on Expand to view the Description *every* single time a defect is opened for viewing.

At the very least, the state needs to be remembered. And I think the default should be Expanded. Why on earth would you want to make people do that extra work and slow them down?


  • The description contains some of the most important information about a story. It should be expanded by default or at least have a preference to set it that way.

  • I completely support this. The amount of space which is given by default to the description is ridiculously small compared to other less important fields. In general, there is a lot of empty space which could be much bettr used.

  • Note: this seems to be the same as Idea #1147 and #1234

  • Yes, please. I seem to keep missing important story details, which leads me to cause needless discussion, wasting time for a bunch of people, all because I failed to expand the right field and didn't see important notes in the Description.

  • Yes, this is *very* annoying, the description must be expanded by default!