When opening a defect in edit mode, the browser window which spawned it cannot be accessed. This is extremely frustrating.


  • This happens on Firefox, but not IE.

  • Seems to be a Firefox-only problem, works with Chrome as well. Unfortunately, Firefox is the preferred browser in my team...

  • It is my understanding that the story or defect edit window is modal by design. Before they started using the "shadow box" windows, editing was not modal. It only still works right in IE8 (not IE9 and not Firefox and not Chrome).

  • Is the window modal by intent? My usual browser is Chrome, and I see the same behavior with Tasks on the Taskboard. It is difficult to, e.g., compare a task I am editing to one already completed to determine if the work in the former was completed in the latter.

  • Same as everyone above. Make it work in Firefox.