It will help us to clearly see that some tasks are done/completed


  • I would suggest only coloring the status column... having spent a few years doing usability work myself, we have to be very careful about adding a lot of distraction to the UI to emphasize one thing over another. If this were done, others would want that same coloring driven off a different field (like project). Next thing you know, the screen looks like a crayola box. I believe that one of V1's greatest assets is their clean UI and consistent UI patterns.

    Also, status is not not important for some (some teams use estimated and todo to indicate status).

    I like the idea, but the explicit functionality suggestion might be too much. Just some thoughts to play devil's advocate.

  • It might also be useful to highlight items where actual + to do exceeds the estimate.

  • I have to say, I would like to shy away from this type of addition to the interface. I can see it getting a bit crazy and annoying to look at - especially if it could not be turned off.

  • Too many colors can get distracting and annoying, I agree with the comments above.

  • I think I would like the ability to change colors on some of the report graphs, but I don't know if line by line coloring would be as helpful. You can sort by status and that might be enough.