Our users appreciate the "Share Link" functionality for sharing links to assets but would also like to see the same button for all available pages such as project backlogs, project requests, sprint backlogs, release plans etc.


  • Yes yes yes! Please?

  • is this similar to idea #790 https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/790

  • We need this ability on all items whether in light box mode or not. There is no way to quickly get a url for an item (and the share link button has a more succinct/consistent link than the one in the address bar).

  • Beyond a Share Link is simply just being able to send someone else the URL I'm on and have them actually see the same thing.

  • This is a huge pinpoint. Can V1 please just act like a normal website when it comes to URLs.

  • Yes. So, A link to a Product Backlog that is filtered by planning level, team, etc. You can create a "My View" for yourself like this now. Would be great to get a URL to that. Or the Portfolio Tree or whatever.

  • We do have "My Views" where a user can save their grid view, which includes columns, filters and potentially project. In Fall 18.3 My Views are now shareable via URL to other users. We do have future plans such as shared views with another member via member lookup.