Our teams are broken into 3 levels: 1) UI, 2) Services, 3) back end systems. In order for some slices of funcitonality to be tested and signed off, each step (level), needs to be completed. If the story is created as an epic, it can only be related to one team (although the stories may be made up of 3 teams). If we skip using epics, and just using multiple stories, we scramble through dependency notations to try and determine 'who's on first'


  • Agree that enhancement would be useful.

  • It would be great to have the ability to assign epics to teams so they can decompose it into user stories. This functionality would be great for enabling portfolio management via epics.

  • I would love to see portfolio items assigned to teams so I can have a holistic view of my app dev teams work.

  • Our organization also has three teams that typically contribute to the delivery of a single feature. It's important that we have this functionality.

  • This would be great. We also have teams that often contribute pieces of the same feature.

  • Excellent idea - I often see teams struggling organizing work that they share between the teams.

  • This feature would be very useful for encouraging cross-team collaboration - particularly in new reality, brought in by pandemic!