I have just found I have been getting email notifications not only sent to my specified email address, but also to my V1 inbox. I didn't even know I had a V1 inbox, and it has over 1700 emails. There needs to be a "delete all" or "archive all" option, or an option to only send them to your real email and not the V1 email. This would reduce the disc space.


  • We are also facing the same situation. I vote to have a "delete all" option.

  • I vote for a "delete all". I recently had to delete over 2K emails from my V1 inbox.

  • We should be able to delete messages in bulk. I get all of these notifications sent to my work inbox already. I don't need them listed here as well. At 25 at a time, this will take a LONG TIME to clear out the 17955 emails currently in my Inbox.

  • Yes please. Plus this view should also have a customization option to have more than the default 25 per page.

  • As I stated in a similar area, we should be able to choose V1 Mailbox, email notification, or both. This would eliminate the need to have the notifications stored in VersionOne entirely.

  • I vote for Daniel's idea. There should be a way to configure where you want your notifications.

  • Same here.