The scrum master would find this useful especially if there are many tasks that need to be burned down to zero once completed.

Once the task is moved to the completed column, then the TO DO value on that task should be automatically assigned to 0.

This is different to the other ideas because many resources manually move tasks over to completed and have to manually adjust the TO DO value. This becomes an issue especially if we are working in a virtual environment and performance from the site is an issue because of the many actions that needs to be performed while burning down tasks to zero.


  • I agree with this. By definition "Complete" implies that there is nothing left "ToDo". Anything that reduces the chance for human error by eliminating manual data entry is a good thing. It makes the data more reliable while at the same time making the system easier to use.

  • I agree. It reduces the risk of human error, which in my team is high on this issue as they presume the system will realise that if it is complete that there is nothing to do, and so my burn down becomes unreliable ona fairly regular basis.

  • Transitions already work as a better solution than this.

  • Transitions work for Quick Close, so the team members would need to be convinced to use Quick Close instead of dragging the task to Completed. But that is the whole point of having Quick Close.

  • I don't see where to set the "ToDo" value during during a Quick Close transition (I only see status changes). What am I missing?

  • Transitions and quick close are all good things but they are only conveniences. They do not accomplish the primary goal of maintaining data integrity by preventing inconsistencies. Tasks can be moved to "Completed" state without being closed. They can also be closed without moving them to a "Completed" state. Transitions don't solve anything because (1) they don't cover all the cases where inconsistencies can be introduced, and (2) even if they did, their use is not enforced by the UI.

    This may be okay with small organizations and small projects but it's a huge data integrity problem in larger enterprises where data are collected across multiple projects.

    In a well designed user interface, it would not be possible to have situations where a task is closed while the ToDo value is non-zero. There are other examples of this kind of thing. For example, you should not be able to close a backlog item or move it do a "Done" state while there are tasks that are still "in progress". You would not be able to close a backlog item while it is still in "Development" state, etc, etc...

    As long as there is no way to enforce the use of "Quick Close" or to improve input validation, this problem will continue to exist.

  • Good idea. I hate having to go back in and manually edit the "to do" field to set it to zero AFTER I've already put it in the Completed column. VersionOne guys you should add this feature ASAP.

  • +1 to this idea!