It would be nice to have a more robust notification system. I should be able to get notifications on defects, backlog items, feature groups, tasks, etc. around the various field changes. Right now, it's mainly the owner or team changing, which is quite limited. Notifications around any fields on the main elements would be much better. It should be robust enough to where I can say notify me of any backlog item created by a particular person or that matches one of my custom fields.


  • Yes PLEASE.

  • This would be so valuable. We should also be able to see notifications on changes to Releases as well.

  • This feature would really help us. We want to be notified for any scope (Epic) added to a Project. Right now, that can't be done.

  • Yes, have a more flexibility around how notification works would be very helpful. Here are some example of notifications that would be useful. Via keywords, feature groups, EPICs, etc.

  • This is done now isn't it?

    What is really needed now is a good description of what changed in the email that is sent. Tell me what the fields were before the change and what they changed to after the change. Every other system I have used in the past passes along this kind of information. I really don't want to open up a web browser for the 50 to 100 changes I get notified in a day.

  • It would be particularly helpful to have date driven notifications so we could set a followup date or due date and get a reminder via email.

  • It would be nice if the description could be included in the emails. Even nicer would be to offer a large selection of fields that could be included in the emails and we could select which ones go into the emails.

  • YES+ Also, please implements notification on Epic!

  • A more robust Notification system can likely be developed to benefit all users.

    As a Billable Dev Coordinator, I would like to be able to choose more granular details on certain fields/types or even perhaps a combination. For example, I would like to know when an Epic that is marked as Billable has been started (moved into Status="In Development") or has been completed (moved into Status="Complete").

    There are several custom fields we utilize for our Defect Analysis on Issues. The ability to check that certain fields have not been filled out after a certain status would also be beneficial. As a Process Manager, I would like to know when an Issue has been moved to "In Development" with no value in the "Feature Affected" or "Defect Caused By" fields.

    Our Product Manager is desperate for some sort of notification when SWAGs have been filled out. Our Developers sometimes forget to tag her on a conversation and Epics can sit for about a week before someone asks about the item. A notification of Epic Status change to "Ready For Quote" or even a change to the SWAG field would ensure she is notified and she can start the process of notifying the customer of the estimated costs of their request.

    A means of clearing out Watch Subscriptions in bulk would be a great addition. I will often put a watch on the last 2 or 3 items we are wrapping up for a release and almost always forget to go back to them and clear the Watch. Months pass and I now have several hundred Watches on items. I ended up creating an AuotIt script to allow me to clear out those extra ones without the need to click each subscription's drop-down and select Delete.

    Additionally, check boxes to choose V1 Inbox or Email for your Subscriptions would be a huge addition. I currently have 18,623 notifications in my Inbox in VersionOne. I have never use this feature directly. While I understand that a notification shows up in the My Inbox and then V1 then emails me the notification to my work email, I never open these notifications in VersionOne, so it seems like bypassing the feature and just send out emails directly should be a possibility.

    An easier way to clear out these notifications would be great as well. I think my time could be better spent than to mark 25 notifications at a time for deletion 745 times. I am hopeful a better way will present itself in the future.

    Thank you.

  • I would like to see more specificity available with notifications. One use case I currently have is wanting to be able to see when a Kanban card reaches the "Done" column. I don't necessarily care to be notified when it moves to some other states, and so to be able to notify on a specific state change would be helpful, especially when we have custom columns on our Kanban board.

  • It would be helpful if there is alert/notification that can be subscribed by users when new Critical / Severity 1 defect submitted.

  • I can currently get email notifications when a backlog entry changes status from anything to "Done" or from anything to "In Progress". I would love to be able to get an email notification when a backlog entry moves to "In Progress" which has also has some other criteria like "Priority: Low" or "Priority: None". I want to know this when my teammates pull in a low priority backlog entry so that we can have a conversation about sticking with the higher priority backlog entries.

  • To add to Greg V's comment:
    The Inbox feels like someone in IT designed something but didn't consider what's really useful from the end user's perspective. The details of a change in the Activity Stream would be SO helpful to be included alongside the Inbox Subject. Just knowing THAT a change happened without knowing WHAT changed is a time waster because now I have to take more time to go check the feature's Activity Stream to figure out what changed (if it's a change I'm interested in). That same change should be included on the external email being sent out.

    Anticipating the end user's next step, if I see a change, what will I do? I want to go look at it. Why not have a hyperlink in Inbox to allow one click to get to it rather than going to another tab, typing the feature number in, then doing a search? If I only have one or two items, it's not so big a deal. But when I have a bulk of them, this adds unnecessary time.

    Just making a couple of these simple changes would really take a cumbersome process and make it really fast & efficient.

  • One more note for Inbox: sorting by feature number would be great. Right now it has the Subject field starting with the person's name. So sorting happens based on the name, no way to sort on the feature number. You could either put the feature number first in the subject line for sorting or add a column for the item (user story, issue, feature, etc.) that could be sorted on. Thanks.

  • Is there any feedback from V1 on this one?