I would like to be able to create and save different views, so I can reuse them without having to change my selected fields every time.

When I export to Excel, there are many times when I need different fields and data depending what I'm doing. I'd love to have a quick way to set the view to the one I want without having to go through the pain of creating exactly the fields I need each time.


  • How is this different than the "My Filter" concept... when you say "view" are you talking about a listing grid or an export. I'm not clear on your suggestion.

  • I actually have the same requirement, I think what Toni is talking about is that for a view (backlog item, epic etc...) you can customaize what attributes are displayed but one can not save the list of attributes to your own custom view. I use different views for different purposes, when working with the product backlog, I like to list references, feature group, status etc. but then again I create my own reports in excel that are progress reports on feature group, where I only want to list feature group, estimate and todo. So it would help alot to be able to define my own views (list of attributes on backlog item to display) and have them accessible in any list. I hope this helps, and please add my vote;)

  • Sorry I wasn't clear.
    Currently you can Customize a view for things like Product Planning / stories & defects and that remains fixed for your login.

    But - I use that view for many things.
    e.g. Defect planning when I need fields like create date and update date, and certain cutom fields
    or Project planning to find all stories and defects not assigned to an iteration

    What I'd like is to be able to save a view which includes the column selections, sort order and the filters. Then it's easy to get back to my defect planning view instead of having to play with the fields and options every time I'm getting ready for my defect planning meeting.

  • Now that we have the Summer edition and Kanban it's even more of an issue for me. I've created a kanban for one of my teams and have had to create a new set of statuses to go with it, for my other team who don't use kanban they use the default status.
    I've now had to set up most of my views with columns to show the kanban status and the normal status and I need to remember which to look at depending which team i'm dealing with. It would be so nice to just have saved user views - one for each team.

  • Yes, what is needed is a 'name this view' and a 'select named view configuration' type feature.

  • This would be a great addition. I am continually customizing the columns in my product backlog view and customizing the filters I've applied. In reality there are a couple key tasks I typically perform from the project planning backlog page and a fixed set of filters and columns that I want to see when I'm doing a particular task. It would be very nice to be able to save these configurations off so that I could switch back and forth between them quickly and not have to manually change the columns and filters each time.

  • I would like to be able to customize any of the grid views and save multiple customizations that would have different fields visible and ordered differently. I have seen this feature well executed in MS Office SharePoint 2007.

    Like some of the other commenters, there are times when I'm working with the data or exporting data from the grid views that have different fields than what I need for another purpose for the grid view.

  • I agree this is much needed. When I view defects I want to see X,Y,Z column data and when I view product requirements I want to view X,B,A fields. I have to always change my columns.

  • In addition to being able to save different user views, it would be great if you could save certain views (with or without filters) as shared views so others didn't have to recreate your work.

  • I want to do the same thing. I frequently change the view for management presentations, different views for different teams, and a minimialist view for projecting on a screen. I want to make select standard views available for everyone.

  • On our team we have created many custom columns for different "phases" or our process. They do not need to be seen during the development iteration, but are needed prior to the story being finalized. We often export to excel to more easily filter and sort for the view we need at that time. I probably have 4-5 different "sets" of columns I use for different things.

  • * GRID VIEW *
    To clarify - I want to create custom views for any GRID view. Currently, I can customize my view, and as an admin I have the option of "These customizations will apply to:" "My Personal Settings" or "System Defaults". I want to add additional views like "Product Owner View" and "Team A View".

  • Given that my team has created a good handful of custom columns for different types of work items, it's frustrating to have to keep re-selecting the pertinent columns when I'm trying to export a particular population of items. Since VersionOne keeps 1 logon session with the selected fields, i can't even use another browser to load a different view.

  • I would love to be able to save different custom views. For example, when I filter my backlog by defects, I care about different fields than I use for stories. Because there's only one saved custom configuration for the backlog, i have to manually switch back and forth.

    I would also like to be able to define custom views at the project level so that I can share them with my team without affecting other users,

  • Sharing views is essential. I want to be able to deploy default settings accross my company that do not necessarily match the VersionOne Defaults.

  • Sharing views would be a nice addition to being able to actually create (custom) views. Check out something like Aha to see a good implementation of this (both custom views and shared views)

  • This is a big convenience item. For instance, I need to spend a few minutes to customize the Backlog view in prep for our defect triage meetings. I have to filter for Defects and specific status, then customize the columns of data we want to see from defects.

    This sort of customization is not applicable in a meeting where you are reviewing the backlog for stories and doing executive estimates. Different work items, different filters, different columns.

    Sure, I can save personal filters, but columns customizations needs to be rolled into that somehow.

  • This is a really important ask, the usability is very poor without this feature when one manages multiple teams.

  • This is a must have feature and a feature that Rally has for many, many years.

  • I clearly support with some additional proposal that you save everything under a user profile, i.e. all customizations (views) are saved under a given user profile that is preserved after upgrades.

    Also under the profile the applied filter should be saved, i.e. planning level and filters.

    As a Release Train Engineer I want to be able to swiftly change view and filter options with preserved setups such that I can move change between different use scenarios like "View all features candidating for next Program Increment sorted by Order and displaying WSJF, BV, TC, RV and SWAG", "View all completed features in current Program Increment" etc.

  • I agree - I want to be able to save a view which includes the column selections, sort order and the filters for the *grid* view.

    as a workaround, I have created several TeamRooms where I'm the only member, e.g. one for exporting data I use on Story Cards, another for the Stand-up, another for Sprint Planning, etc.

  • As of the Winter 2018 release, you can save your grid views using “My Views”. The “My Views” button makes it easy to save and recall customized filters on the grid, including which columns are visible, editable fields, page sorting, and number of items per page. You also have the option to save your current project scope selection into your view.

    Thanks again to all of you for voting. I hope you enjoy this new feature.