When adding items to Goals or Feature Groups, you are only allowed to add Backlogs, not their parent Epic. It would useful to add just the Epic so I could get all of the Backlogs under that Epic added instead of adding individual Backlogs. This is especially useful when I have an Epic that could contain 10+ Backlogs. This makes the ability to track completeness of the Goal or Feature Group much easier.


  • We could do with this feature

  • In addition, when new stories are added to the Epic, they are automatically associated with the Goal the Epic was previously associated with. Individual stories could be removed from Goal association independently, if desired.

  • I would like to see this. If you use layers of Epics you lose the ability to rerank the lower layer Epics without losing the association with the parent. Using a feature group to group features as opposed to grouping stories would be a big help.

  • +1 for this

  • This ability allows transversal assignment of epics and backlog into FGs when they have a common functionality; was very useful before and missed now

  • This is really important to us - there are just way to many backlog items to associate with a goal (which we try to keep high level). Goals is almost useless without Epic assignment.

  • Just re-iterating how important ( and basic) this is. In short, trolling for votes.

  • I agree. The ability to add the Epic to the Feature Groups in particular versus all the individual BI's also reduces error of linking and overhead of having to do this with each and every BI.

  • Would like to see this as well.

  • Am just test driving VersionOne and discovered this was missing in the first 10 minutes. Probably won't continue forward with the product.

  • This is a need at my company as well. We are using VersionOne for consulting implementations and need to track multiple flows. We are already using Teams and Feature Groups for part of this and they roll up to the Epic, but Goals do not. It would be great to be able to assign Goals to Epics so that we don't have to do it at each story. As it is right now I can't even roll those goals up to the Epic level.

  • I need exactly what this request is asking for and for exactly the reasons stated. Was very disappointed to see we couldn't simply add Epics to Feature Groups and have subsequent child Backlog Items inherit the mapping automatically.

  • We plan top-down, so we first create Epics than later on decompose them. We leverage Feature Groups to segment that backlog for future planning. Without this ability to directly assign FGs to an Epic, we have to create a "dummy" backlog item to get the FG assignment to show up at the Epic level so we can filter with them.

  • We have exactly the same (urgent) need as Karl is pointing out in his comment above.
    In addition to this, we positively need Feature Group as an filter in the Epic timeline page so that we can filter the timeline similar as in the Epic Tree page.

  • Do we have any news about this? I really need this feature!

  • The completion of the new type Epic is long overdue.
    We still cant put Epics into feature groups
    We still cant put Epics into Goals
    allocation of Epics still does not assign the contained stories etc.

  • I'm amazed this has been on your backlog for over a year and received this many votes and still no movement on such an important request.

  • Our organization has similar needs to those already expressed on this forum by others. As new users, we are disappointed to find that we will not be able to make these connections from the top down. We are beginning planning for a new system, and would love the ability to flow down from Project to Feature Group to Epic to Backlog. Not having this ability results in a disconnect in continuity.

  • Shari, take a look at RallyDev. It has this functionality and is what we transitioned to so that we could decompose our stories.

  • This ability is essential for us to be able to report out on several areas.

  • I don’t think I quiet understand why an Epic cannot be linked to a Theme.

    Currently Stories/Defects can be linked to Themes, but that is too granular.

    There is an option to Link and Epic to another Epic which doesn’t really make sense epically from a planning perspective.

    In traditional Agile terms:
    - Themes link to many Epics
    - Epics link to many stories
    - Task to many stories
    - And so forth

    By: AJ

  • Same request here. I just started a new consulting engagement at my client and the inability to associate Epics to a specific Feature Group really hampers the top-down project management. We definitely need continuity from Project >> Feature Groups >> Epics >> Backlog.

  • I just moved back to VersionOne after several years of using other tools and was badly surprised by this limitation.
    Maintaining a backlog hierarchy (Theme -> Epic -> Story) is a basic need and the only workaround I could thought of was to abuse the Portfolio Items and build my hierarchy solely with these entities.

    This discussion seems to be going for more than a year now with many customers asking for it. Can you please provide a timeline for implementing this?


  • One suggestion to the V1 team as a midterm relief - provide us with an optional 'Type' attribute to Portfolio Items, with values such as 'Theme', 'Epic', 'Feature' - we can then build our own hierarchy using Portfolio Items and have a clearer tree view.

  • I just signed up to Vote this. I'm also amazed how this is not possible. It would make our workflow way better.

  • Same request for us, either for backlog group or backlog Goal. It will speed up and simplify process if we can assign directly an Epic to them.

  • +1