In the Sprint Tracking Storyboard view I would like to see display the number of hours or days a story has been in that current status.

For example, if a story was moved from "Dev" to "QA" 4 days ago, then the VersionOne would display "4 days" for that story.

This would allow anyone looking at the Storyboard view to easily see what is changing and what is stagnant.

Currently a story could sit "QA" for days or weeks or months, unless you click on the "History" tab and view the "Details" you don't know how long a story as been in the current status.

I think this should be done for the taskboard as well.


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  • I agree with this user.
    I would like to see this ASAP.

  • This should be a report as well

  • Recently, my teams have placed increasing value on our stories' cycle times. We can easily see a story's number of "days in column" from our Team Room's "Storyboard" by hovering the mouse over the clock icon on the story's card. It would help us immensely to have this same functionality available on the story card in the "Taskboard", our primary board in our Team Room. When we walk the Taskboard during our Daily Scrum, we'd like to be able to quickly see the number of days that a story has been in progress as we discuss the tasks that are remaining to deliver the story.

    Having a clock icon on the story card on the Taskboard would be great. It would also be fine to have "Days in Status" as an option for the Storyboard's "Card Options".

  • The clock icon on the story's card seems to address the original idea that was put forward, but as David W. mentioned it would be great to carry the clock icon concept to the Taskboard and possibly even the Testboard.