Under "Sprint Tracking"
- Reports: Standup Dashboard

There is a Reports: Workitem Cycle Time.

Our team is using Kanban and we are trying to use this graph to estimate our team's "lead time".

In order to figure out which stores are causing our Workitem Cycle Time to change, we want to look at the Workitem Cycle Time of the individual stories. The problem is that it is very cumbersome to get the cycle time for a story:

Open the story
-> History Tab
-> Check each "drag-n-drop assignment" for the "input queue" and "done"
-> Calculate the difference in days.

My suggest is have Version calculate and display the Workitem Cycle Time for each closed story.


  • Yes, but not only for closed stories. This should be implemented as a running counter of days elapsed, starting when a story is moved into the state designated as the "Cycle Start" and stopping when it reaches the state designated as "Cycle End". This would provide cycle time for closed stories but would also give a visual indication of how long a story has been in the system.

    To provide the greatest flexibility, this idea should be combined with a "Show Closed Items" menu item.

  • I agree that this metric should be available and visible for ALL items on the board regardless of open/closed.

  • In addition to showing cycle time on completed stories, it should be possible to see all stories on the current Workitem Cycle Time report. Aka - drill into the number of 3 point stories to see which ones were included in the report.

  • As a scrum master I want a column on my team’s stories for cycle time so that I can report on individual story cycle time so that I know specifically which stories or types of stories are taking more or less time.

    At the end of each increment I put together some metrics for my Kanban team including their current cycle time. This last program increment saw a large jump in cycle time but I currently have no way to realistically report on what stories were the culprit of the jump so that the team can talk about it.

    Having a field that shows active cycle time that increments daily may or may not be practical (we can see a dynamic calculation on the story board already, just can’t report on it directly from V1). But at minimum a ‘cycle time at close’ that populates the cycle time for the story when the story is closed so that it can be used in reporting would suffice.

  • Agreed, navigating through a workitem's history is very tedious.

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