We have many projects that use the same story templates and it would be easier if we could create an epic template with all those stories and their dependencies in it.


  • Capital One is interested in this one.

  • This would solve our need to always have certain overhead items in a project. If we could create an epic template that always contained requirements for SCRUMs, packaging, release note creation etc then we could reuse this for each iteration and/or project. Currently all of these items get added manually. We prefer to track these items separately to better understand how much effort is required and where to focus on optimizing our internal processes.

  • Hey - this idea was floated over a year ago. What do we have to do to get this developed? Switch to Rally?

  • Still interested in this for convenience sake. However, current workaround is to import stories / tasks from Excel. We just can't import epics, but at least the stories are all there.

  • This is also a need in my company. We have teams with very repeatable epics and it would be great to have the ability to create an epic template with the stories and tasks already built out.

  • This would be fantastic for repeatable epics for things like operational readiness concerns: standard company policy gates, customer certifications, etc.

  • Nike is interested in this feature.

  • Would be a very useful feature, much of the work from project to project is repeatable and having a template to 'scaffold' this work would help us not to accidentally omit some of the work.

  • Support for Story Templates on Portfolio Item Templates was introduced in the Winter 2019 release.