Add the capability to filter, sort or search by goal; it would be especially useful in product planning and iteration planning views. Please also enhance goals so that when you go to the list of stories in goal view (open goal and select relationships page) to be able to see ALL the stories & defects that are associated to that goal including the closed ones.


  • Note that closed items are visible on the Goals detail page as of the Winter '09 Release (build numbers 9.0.x and higher).

  • Goals should work in a consistent way with feature groups, so you can assign multiple stories to a goal using the tick box approach on the list also.

  • I agree totally. And we need to include the ability to add custom fields to goals also.

  • When you made closed items visible in goals, why didn't you add a "Show Closed Items" button? Now those of us who don't want to see the closed items are unable to hide them.

  • YES! We need at least to be able to filter on open/closed within a goal. I currently have to export to be able to get valuable data from my goals. Then I have to sort and find to make any updates based on my export. Very cumbersome!

  • We really need to be able to add custom fields to a goal

  • Also, allow users to assign a Goal to a Backlog item in the Grid like you can with a Feature Group.

  • Amen to everything here. Make Goals an equal citizen: the UI for the Goals view should be analogous with the Epic tree

  • Yet another shortcoming: Goals are not searchable in the quick search box (upper right corner) nor in advanced search (UI you see when you click the magnifying glass to the right of the quick search box. So frustrating!

  • I'm very interested in being able to search and sort for goals while using the Backlog planning screen.
    Currently you can define a filter for goal types, but when using product planning -> Backlog, it ignores the filter. (I believe the goal type filter is intended for the Product Planning -> Goal page, but the filter type should be useable elsewhere too)
    Ideally there would be an easier way to search for PBIs/defects tagged with a goal too. Creating a filter is too time consuming. There should be a trivial way while looking at a backlog while product planning.