I was going to close a defect but instead of clicking on the Close item from the Action menu, I clicked on the Convert to Requirement item.

Seeing as this action cannot be undone (unless you convert the requirement back to a defect, but even then you still lose the original defect number), I would've expected to be prompted to confirm my intention to convert the defect to a requirement.


  • This is indeed usability problem - the Delete action has some kind of confirmation dialog, but the Convert action doesn't even though in essence it deletes the object and creates a new one. Sometimes converting back to defect is not possible due to required fields.
    The workaround I use is to delete the new Requirement and Undelete the defect, but it will be better, if the system prevents such errors in the first place.

  • Agree this will be a good way to check on the issue cited with Story to Defect conversion and back - https://ideaspace.versionone.com/default/Idea/Detail/942