As the admin on our hosted system, I would like to track which members are actually using the system. Ideally, I'd like to see the number of items created/changed, reports and queries used, etc, but I'd settle for just knowing who logged in each day.

We're piloting V1 right now, and I'd like to understand how the adoption is going to see if I need to accelerate or otherwise manage the deployment.


  • You can tell when the last time a user logged into the system rather easily in the Admin/Members screen, you may need to customize the columns that are visible, but look for the column called "Last Access".

  • I agree with James J. I'm a user and admin of a system with over 700 users and 3000 projects. Administration of V1 could be the one reason I have to find another product. The usability of the product doesn't scale. This is especially true when dealing with users and activity. Most user admin. work requires 15+ clicks. A few ideas... It would be nice to have a series of reports (by team, group, etc..) of activity. In addition, it would be nice to have a query like "select all users who haven't logged in in 12+ months then delete users". Currently, this is a manual process.

  • Tom's comment is correct: you can always display and sort by the Last Access column to determine who the active users are in your system.

    To Michael's comment: I would not recommend deleting real members who have used the system. Deleting should be reserved for mistakenly created accounts. Real members who are simply no longer using the system should be Inactivated. This retains their history while still preventing login and new assignments going forward.