The subversion integration is OK, but viewing change sets is currently quite difficult as it relies on using a 3rd party svn viewer. None of the available options are actively developed or windows friendly for install. It would be fairly easy to include a basic viewer in the integration I would have thought.


  • Hello Richard,

    Which 3rd party svn viewer are you currently using? There is a Web based SVN viewer called WebSVN [] which looks very impressive, you can see a demo here


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  • We made a custom svn integration that creates a link on the changeset record to our internally hosted instance of websvn.

  • Agree 100%. The V1 SVN plugin is no longer supported as of Sprint 2016 (

    Our organization uses VersionOne for all Feature enhancement work. We want to view the code changeset activity in VersionOne. It appears VersionOne's CommitStream does this for several Git repositories flavors but does not include SVN ( Even though Git gets all the hype these days, just as many organizations develop in Subversion. If the V1 SVN plugin will no longer be supported, there should be a way to include SVN in functionality that is supported.

    Please provide us SVN users/enterprises a way to view our user story commits in Version One.

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  • Hello Richard - we have added SVN support to CommitStream as of Sept 2016. Thank you