In addition to the 4 actions on Backlog grids that are currently available ("Add Story Inline", "Add Story", "Add Defect Inline", "Add Defect"), I'd like to see actions for doing this from Templates available from the current and parent projects. Something like "Add Story from Template" and "Add Defect from Template" (possibly with an additional pair for doing this inline). These actions would go through an additional menu where you can select the particular template to use.

Who would want this: This came up in discussion between me (ScrumMaster) and the product manager (the owner) on making better use of our templates. Both of us thought this would make this process simpler.

Why it's valuable to them: No context-switch back to the Product Planning tab to reach the templates, which makes it easy to forget to use the templates, and slows us down.

Haven't seen this suggested in other ideas; seems obvious, though, so hopefully not a duplicate.


  • An alternate implementation is to provide an "Apply Template" button to the add Backlog Item page. When I click this button, I select a template and all blank fields in the new story are filled in with the corresponding field form the template.

  • Can VersionOne support indicate if this feature will be implemented at some stage?

  • I agree. I Would also like to see templates be hierarchy aware - in other words, if I go into the templates area of a child project, I see the parent's templates. This available at the story level (copy tasks & tests) but not in the templates area.

  • Copying tasks from a template is well integrated but creating a story directly from a template is quite a bit cumbersome.

  • Another idea: add the option to create a story rfom template when breaking down an epic. At the moment, we create the stories from the template via he side bar menu and then associate it with the epic.

  • When we are breaking down epics it would be useful to have the "Add Story from Template" as one of the options.

  • With Winter 13 release and the new Epic features - it will be really helpfull to be able to add items to an EPIC using a template (story/defect).

  • Note that tasks/tests from a template can be added to any story after-the-fact via the Story Planner feature. Is the main value here the ability to pre-fill fields on the story or something else?

  • I like the suggestion by Chris D at the very top of this. When I create a new BL item, give me an option to "Create from template". Create any tests/tasks defined by the template. Fill in any non-empty fields form the template. Keep the BL item open so I can update the title and anything else that needs to be tweaked.

  • My team would be able to save a lot of time with the ability to add Stories directly on the Epic screen they just created - using a Story Template.

  • Mark - what is the story planner feature?

    I found this page searching for "story template version one". We have a set of tasks that are associated with most of our stories. Being able to create a story that automatically has all those tasks would simplify and speed up our planning. Then we could modify the details as needed.

  • Not to pile on but my team would benefit from this also. Add story from template just as described above would be welcome.

  • Marilyn, the Story Planner feature (aka Backlog Item Planner) I was referring to is launched through the menu on a story as 'Plan Story' or 'Plan Backlog Item', depending on your terminology. From there, you can apply tasks/tests from an existing template to your story.

  • Add story from template to populate fields, links and attachments. Current use is ponderous and too easy to save new story over the top of the template.

  • Enhancement:

    Ability to apply template (default info) when creating Stories In-Line. This would reduce the need to add all required fields to the grid View.

  • The same applies when Creating a Story from the Portfolio tree - it would be helpful to be able to choose the template from there. to avoid having to add this to all the create access points, it may be best just to add the button on the Story form.

  • The story planner feature is not intuitive ("copy tasks and tests" doesn't indicate to me that a template will be used), requires extra clicks, and doesn't help when a user may want to create multiple stories from a template quickly. In my case, I'm wanting to create multiple stories with a reminder checklist pre-populated in the description field. I'd like to see "create user story from template" and "create defect from template" as a menu option anywhere stories can be added in the tool (ex: Sprint scheduling page, Backlog, etc.) This would not only make the use of templates easier and more intuitive, it would also remind users that templates are available.

  • I agree with what has already been said. We would benefit from being able to create a story (from a template) from within the feature, versus trying to tie the newly created story to a story later on. A typo could mean the new story gets tied to the incorrect feature.

  • I just had 3 requests for this. "Sorely lacking the ability to create a story from a story template in the backlog, iteration scheduling, storyboard, etc. views. We have to do this all the time and currently it's very cumbersome."