Most 90% or more of my backlog items usually originate in an email thread. Ex. Someone requests marketing collateral or a change to the website or recommends that we look at a particular tradeshow.

What I then do for many of these is switch to V1 and create a new backlog item, and then copy/paste the email content into the backlog item with any relevant attachments.

What I would love to do is drag the email from outlook to V1 and have a backlog automatically created with the email attached for documentation.

Alternatively, an Outlook add-in that would enable a right-click menu to add the email content to a new backlog item.


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  • Simply something similar to "Send to Onenote", we should have "Send to VersionOne".

  • yes, it would be very helpful for VersionOne to have an inbox.

  • Yes: we would like VersionOne to have an inbox. For our use case, we'd like to be able to email merge/release notices to VersionOne

  • I would love to have the ability to email into the V1 System any of the types currently supported .. epic,backlog,issue,idea,defect. This would save us huge in time/money.

  • This would add serious value to VersionOne. Right now we have stray items running around between people on emails because 'it's not a big thing and it's not worth setting it up on VersionOne'. This feature would allow me to auto cc VersionOne on such correspondence such that it can be resolved, and tracked properly in VersionOne. And most of all, get it out of email, which should always be the goal for such things.

  • This feature would also simplify migration of defects/requirements from other competing products that support emails with this content.

  • Teams I support often have nightly builds or periodic releases with associated emails. It would be helpful if I could "CC" those emails to a particular release or project or even iteration or build inside VersionOne so all email exchanged that talks to issues or solutions for a particular build or release are traceable from VersionOne. Otherwise, we have to tag every email with a VersionOne build, release, project or backlog item ID and CC those emails to a group mailbox outside of VersionOne. this leads us to fragment the information we want to synchronize.

  • From versionone-dev at google groups:

    {some background explanation, represented well above}

    I really want to e-mail to and have a new story created.
    I want to email to (or a similar nomenclature) and have a story updated with some detail.
    I want VersionOne to map the sender domain to my account and do all the magic automatically.

    The "Send To" functionality mentioned at the top (Outlook, OneNote, etc., can all be implemented by the user if an email interface exists).

    You could even map "" to post to your own ideaspace (domain-based, e.g.)

  • This would be useful for my company too. We want to create a bug with attachments in versionone by email. The use case is that our tech support agents receive a bug report from a customer by email, confirm the bug and then want to create a bug in version one. Having such a feature would save time versus copy/past and attachment upload. Then we would go into versionone to assign it to one of the engineers.

  • This. The only barrier between our organisation having email and no email is people using it instead of VersionOne because it's quicker. In times of emergency / firefighting / busy projects - people will gravitate towards the path of least resistance no matter what processes you attempt to enforce. This would be the single greatest new feature for VersionOne

  • Necessary for effective integration

  • This would be a great feature. I would love to forward an email to VersionOne to have it digested and associated to the appropriate project or backlog item. It's really easy to have someone add an additional email address to an email that they are already writing, and have it automatically pulled into VersionOne. I use a similar feature with Evernote all of the time ( There are a few other "email" integration ideas that could be pulled in together to have great email integration.

  • Please consider this.

  • This is very important for our Kanban workflows. Many issues come through that need quick turn-around, most are generated via email, and contents have to be included in backlog item text.

  • This is a very great feature. I can see this on the request list for over a year now. Does anyone know if this is implemented? Also are there are any other ways that you can suggest to covert some email quickly to a defect/backlog item. We create a list of customer issues on CRM and we do not want to duplicate work

  • Please add the ability for users to FWD or send an email from any email client to a @versionone specific email address and with the user following a specific template, V1 would know what type of item to create auto-assigned to the sender with the body of the email in the description as well as the .eml item attached to the newly created item.

    Also, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 Add-In to have a V1<-->Outlook integrated menu item for creating backlog items.

  • A great idea, It would let us integrate our servicedesk tool with V1

  • I echo the idea made by Joel and Thomas. Being able to have customers/sales team send an email to an address and have that defect (along with screenshots) automatically be added to the backlog would be a great benefit.

  • We looking into making V1 as a ticketing system utilizing the Request assets in V1. So instead of receiving emails from different people and having to consolidate them, we can evaluate requests sent to V1 via email and evaluate them directly from there. This would be a feature that would absolutely give us a boost in the right direction.

  • I could use this every day! Please implement!

  • Would like to add my name to list, this would be a great feature!

  • This would be very usefull!

  • Please include my up-vote for basic email integration. For us, just creating a backlog item from an email would be incredibly valuable, saving us huge amounts of time responding to client feedback

  • I'd agree on this being a key feature. Having to cut and paste into version one versus emailing a project@<version one email> would be better and also allow for better integration with other solutions as well.

    Other project management tools allow this capability already.

  • This would be useful!

  • Basic email integration would be a huge step in making our teams more productive. Adding hashtags to Outlook would be even better, for example, #defect or #story. This SHOULD be at the top of your backlog.

  • As a team with support responsibilities, I want VersionOne to automatically create a backlog item from an email so that I can manage my workload in one place: in VersionOne.

    Lack of native email consumption or more integrations with third party tools has led several teams in my organization to delay or abandon plans to use V1. They would rather stick with a tool like Jira which can integrate with email out of the box.

    Thank you in advance for an opportunity to suggest improvements to your product.

  • Several applications that include project tracking support this functionality, such as Service Now Gold Mine and others. Subject line and body values drive the flow and initiate the processes to create various level items (EPIC, Feature, Story, Task, Defect). Very powerful option to support "Agile Made Easier"

  • Your competing products offer this feature. It's one more reason we are contemplating a full migration over to JIRA.