In Version the role list is fixed, but many organisation and projects has other roles defined in their processes. In frameworks for processes like ISO15504 and CMMI there is other roles defined.
We have as an example a role called Configiuration Responsible.


  • I would also like to limit the number of roles we use in our organization to keep it simple and clean. Is there any way for us to disable, hide or prevent the use of certain user roles? We were thinking that would solve our issue now where users are updating even Sys Admins to NO ACCESS on the project folders.

    We were thinking of limiting everyone’s choices down to about 5-6 different types: Team Member, Observer, Project Lead, Project Admin, Member Admin and Sys Admin. It would prevent the “NO ACCESS” option all together and we wouldn’t have to work on the nightly script to clean up.

  • It would be good to create roles for developer / tester hybrid. While a full tester should be able to perform final testing. A developer should have access to create test cases as well.

  • We would love an administrator role that has all of the juice of a system admin except the ability to add remove members. This would allow us to maintain our license control across several on-premise installs without limiting the capabilities of the individual teams to edit their own menus and such.

  • We have our customers accessing the database and need to create a customer specific role that does not match any of the existing roles.

  • We need more flexibility in defining and controlling what each role can and cannot do in V1. For example, we need the ability to keep team members from being able to move epics/stories in rank order. Please consider allowing the customers to define the roles and access and make it more configurable.

  • We also would like to be able simplify the number of role and have specific role created to allow edition of epics but not stories for example. Having the possibility for the customer to define the roles and access would help us achieve that.

  • I would like to create new or edit existing planning level roles, for example a customized "Team Member” without the ability to edit a Portfolio Item.

  • We have such a strong need to limit Team Member access to Portfolio items, we were forced to separate Features from Stories in their own project spaces. This has complicated PI Setup and Closure activities.

  • We'd like to be able to configure/create a new project roles for removing access to defects. We would like to lock access to certain items, like defects and epics/features, etc. at the train/project level.

    The reason is, we log defects in another system so we want to ensure users are logging defects in V1. Additionally, features were being edited by basic users who don't know how to do it and were messing up our program's structure in V1.

    We don't want to do a global change to roles on the entire V1 instance, since other projects outside of our specific project/train may be using V1 differently.

    For the feature issue, we had to create an entirely separate train while they are being created and approved and lock all access to it, then port them to another train when they are active but they are still at risk of editing.

    Defects are required on the developer/tester roles... so we'd want to create a role that just has story access and another with just test access.

  • We need ability to create new project roles so we can lock down defects, features and other work items for specific user roles. we don't want to change existing out of the box roles, which are being utilized across the organization. creating new one or affecting access to work items at the PI, project, train level would also be helpful.

  • We at the MD Dept. of Human Services are in need of this enhancement to improve our successful management and implementation of our major IT Project (MDTHINK).