Simple thing. We want to be able in Subscription criteria filter based on "Custom Attribute" value. For example we need to get only notification where Request Created and Custom Attribute "Request responsible department" has value "My department". For starting point we need to be able filter on Request Created and Request Changed based on Custom List Attribute.


  • I have also been asked for something like this. Some of my teams use alternate status values for a Kanban approach and they have no way to be notified of status changes.

  • I would like my team to be able to subscribe to things they create. In my specific example they want to be able to subscribe to any request they have created so when it is changed they are notified. This way everyone doesn't need to remember to subscribe to every request they create and my product owner doesn't need to notify every request creator when they have accepted/rejects their request as there may be several per day.

  • I would like a subscription option to see when stories are added to my current sprint. This is currently not possible because the status or any other subscription trigger is not met by adding a sprint.
    I have had team members try to sneak a story or two into a sprint without notifying the product owner which is causing issues and I would really like to be notified when this happens so I can resolve the problem before it becomes a problem.

  • Please consider implementing this

  • Seconding Jason F.'s comments - we really would benefit from a notification/subscription for when something gets added to a sprint. Once we activate our sprint, we can't have anything added without of course removing something that was already planned, and sometimes, as Jason points out, team members sneak something in that they think would just be a really quick win but it turns out not to be, or it skirts the planning process and messes something else up inadvertently. Thanks.