When I'm in the Backlog, I'd love to be able to do bulk updates - select several records and change the owner of ALL of them in a single operation (to the same person) or change the status of ALL of them. Right now all I can do is move or delete them.


  • Yes please! our project team needs this desperately. As PM its hard to get my folks to do updates because they have to do them one by one and its very time consuming. They ought to be able to move a group of tasks they are completed with on to the next team and change status at same time.

  • Absolutely. Please!!! We have lots of requirements that we keep track of at the requirement number level for traceability. We tried to input them as tasks but there are so many, having to assign them individually even in the grid is really time consuming. In addition, there is no auto-numbering system (i.e. 1.1, 1.2, etc…) – all has to be typed in. To make a long story short, our team decided to go to a combination of V1 and Excel to keep track of requirements – not the ideal solution. We would much rather do everything in V1, but the tool was too much of a burden on the team!

  • Totally Agree!

  • For custom fields as well, not just the select few that already allow for this. We can filter on all fields, even custom ones, so this isn't that far of a stretch from existing functionality.

  • Absolutely agree. I used a similar function in TFS and it was a great timesaver. This would also be very useful in updating tests. I could export the tests, run them and the update the status, comments and then upload back into V1 for loading the updates. Desparately need this functionality if we are to fully used V1.

  • Would love to include the ability to delete multiple tasks also. Many times we build out templates that have the tasks associated with them but then the stories are tweaked and they don't need all the tasks

  • I am new to VersionOne and getting my projects, iterations, etc. into the system is tremendously facilitated by being able to do batch changes to like lists.

  • This would be a rarely needed, but extremely useful feature for us as well. Normally we don't need it, but when we change direction (e.g., close a branch) - we want to bulk close and bulk reassign outstanding issues.


  • Would highly appreciate such a functionality. Have many customized fields which I would like to update in one go by importing an excel sheet

  • Got to have it!

  • Yes, Yes, YES!!

    We assign items early to different members of our team, so that we have a good idea of how the loads will balance, and NOT to dictate "who does what." We REGULARLY need to change the owner on whole batches of tasks, defects, stories, items, whatever.

    Doing those one at a time is a tedious waste of time.

  • Mitigation to bulk changing owner: A team member can multi-select (ok via the check-boxes, but with filtering the select all checkbox can be useful) a bunch of backlog items and then choose "Sign me up" from the "Move To..." drop-down options. Sure it's from the wrong direction (convince a team member to do it vs just assigning yourself for load-balancing) and it's only for Owner, but figured worth a mention. Changing a single field to be common across a set of items would sure be nice.

  • Good information, Dan!

    Unfortunately, it doesn't help US much, because we do the preliminary load balancing during our sprint pre-planning meeting and usually only one person has a laptop and we're all viewing the projection screen. We move through the stories at a fairly speedy pace. It saves no time to note that "person B should do w,x,y,z" and then have them come up, change logins, and do a bulk sign-up.

    So, a bulk update screen really is more like a need and not just a desire! :-)

  • I hear ya. It's funny the different models of planning. In our org, we're distributed across locations and home offices, so everybody is online on a webex session, but can also take immediate action to locally make bulk or time-consuming changes in the background on their system, apply them, and then ask the presenter to refresh. You have my vote on this one. Hope V1 addresses and adds it. Cheers!

  • With the latest upgrade I can no longer use my hot keys to quickly get to the Released status. I have to type out the word Released (or at least the first 3 letters assuming they are unique). Putting both hands on the keyboard after clicking the dropdown is a pain for those who don't like tabbing through each editable field, especially when you have 172 work items to update status on!

    Would be great to see this included in a Fall point release, or in the Winter 2015 release.. Just sayin'.

  • I have ~200 testcases to assign - i can;t even paste a name into the owner field :(

  • Another vote here. We have hundreds of backlog items to assign.

  • This is basic functionaltiy. Multiple edit will save so much time on common fields. CA Agile center/Rally has it and its so easy, please add this feature for all menu items under versionone aslo

  • This is basic functionaltiy. Multiple edit will save so much time on common fields. CA Agile center/Rally has it and its so easy, please add this feature for all menu items under versionone also

  • +1

  • The option to assign the owner of a workitem (story) as the owner of all tasks and/or tests in one or two clicks would save a whole lot time and make the application more user friendly.

  • I like the way they report that I made this suggestion "over a year ago".

    I haven't used VersonOne for many years now, I am guessing at least five, so that just HAS to look better than reporting the actual date!

    My guess is that if it hasn't happened by now, it probably won't!

  • Jira has had this functionality for a long time. Would be a welcome addition to VersionOne

  • Yes, please add this! This is really something that has made me start looking for other alternatives.

  • I'm spending an hour going through and manually changing the priority of hundreds of backlog items. A bulk update on this field would have been greatly appreciated

  • +1

  • +1

  • +1

  • The bulk endpoint API is currently implemented and available for use. The bulk endpoint is also supported by the API Console. The new API endpoint will start to make its way into the UI over time.
    The following link will provide details from our community site.