It would be wonderful if you could check/select multiple items in consecutive order and move them as a group up or down all at the same time.


  • Yes. I second this. We have many smaller projects that contribute to the overall enterprise product we deliver. Both in the planning stage, and at the tail end when re-prioritizing defects, this would be helpful.

    Because lists may span multiple pages, I would suggest that you all me to select multiple items, and then "move before/after" target item. The point here is that my destination may be on another page up or down.

  • Yes, please, implement this! The inability to do this has cost me MUCH time!

  • The ability to sort multiple items quickly is really needed.

  • Fully support the idea - it will be very helpful

  • Would also be helpful for the testboard where multiple tests need to be dragged to In QA (for example), or selecting a number of tests together and assigning to the same person in one go.

  • Would be very helpful!

  • This is absolutely necessary for Product Owners with large backlogs. Any idea when this will be implemented?

  • Vote for this

  • The unability to move multipe items as a group directly to a specific position in a backlog is a no-go, a show-stopper, a really needed base feature. This is what backlogs are about: Moving items according to their priority to a specific position. Not being able to do this efficiently makes this tool almost useless!

  • High priority for this point! I suppose this would be a frequently used feature by many users.

  • I vote for this

  • We have added some helpful/relevant capabilities regarding bulk movement since this item was originally created, so I want to summarize what can be done currently.

    In addition to the movement around the system (e.g. to team, project, feature group, etc.) this includes the ability to rank items to the top/bottom of the backlog or by moving them to a particular page in the backlog where the rankings can be further refined.

    As such a popular need, this topic has gotten a several posts on the VersionOne Product Blog, including the following two that have videos to follow along a little more easily. These are worth viewing if you are not familiar with the multi-select capabilities.
    * Organizing an unranked backlog:
    * Moving an entire release:

  • Simply doing Ctrl/shift select of multiple items would be very useful when planning a release or a sprint. We're currently doing an evaluation of VersionOne and our impression is that its very clicky, ie you have to click a lot to get the job done. This is a severe usability issue.

  • It would be great to have this feature in V1. I got used to the multiple select and move when using Jira, and it would be great to have this sorting capability back.

  • Mark, just the ability to move it to the Top or Bottom does not help. My backlog typically has stories for 3 sprints (which means about 50-60 stories) and it is extremely frustrating to move these one at a time. Surely in this day and age your team can find a way to allow us to move these to any section of the backlog (say the middle) instead of rigidly allowing it to only move to the top or bottom.

  • or Non consecutive. then place in bulk after a point in the backlog. Eg. Item 1,6,7,8, 10,11 all checked an moved after Item 21.

  • We looked at being able to SHIFT+click to select and then drag multiple items at the same time and it turned out to be more complex than it originally seemed. We were able to add the SHIFT+click to select multiple items in the last release, but we will keep looking into the ability to drag and drop multiple items at the same time. Thanks for your patience.

  • What are the updates on this request? The last official update of work in progress was over a year ago. Thank you!

  • This is a great suggestion. Perhaps the developers can look at competitors like Jira to see how easy and intuitive their design is. It's easy to move multiple backlog items in Jira ...

  • I agree with the need. Any task that has the likelihood of becoming tedious due to repeating the same steps over and over again, should have some form of grouping or scripting enabled to automate the repetition.

  • Is there any progress on this one?

    People, this is the most voted idea with more than 400 votes. Are you serious about IdeaSpace?

  • In the 21.1 release, Agility will have multi-select for boards, we look forward to the community feedback.