It would be very useful if we could have an integration with confluence where a TAB is available for each story/task/test that when clicked, shows inline a page in confluence. This would automatically provide integration with tools such as balsamiq and gliffy and hundreds of other popular confluence plugins.

Preferably we would be able to specify a root URL and the Story and task/test would be added by version one:


It would probably be best if the standard look and feel of confluence was also withheld so only the page content is displayed rather than title, footer etc.


  • While there's nothing specific that we would call "Confluence Integration", we use Confluence internally and there are some simple ways to make the 2 tools work better together:

    1. VersionOne Links - For any asset, you can create a Link relationship. If you name the link "Confluence" and use the "Add to menu" option, then VersionOne will show that page inside an "iframe". In other words, it puts Confluence inside VersionOne.

    2. Confluence Shortcut Links - In Confluence under Administration -> Configuration -> Shortcut Links, you can create a shortcut for VersionOne. Use a key "v1" and an expanded value like "". Then you can use [S-01234@v1] to create links from Confluence to VersionOne assets. (If you use Ultimate Edition, you can also link to Ideas.)

    Both are simple to implement and have low coupling, making them durable across major application changes. If these aren't enough, please elaborate on what and why you need.

  • Thanks for the tip on the iframe. But I would like to do the opposite within a confluence page. I want to bring up in confluence pages more than just links. I would like to bring up a table based on a few different search criteria so that I can provide details within the confluence without having to go to V1. (Similar to how Confluence embeds JIRA Filters and saved searches.)

  • Hi, I would like to display the results of the versionOne api query ('Project1 Sprint 10';) in Confluence wiki. Is there a simple way to do this?

  • I would like to display results of a query in Confluence wiki as well. We use hosted versionone and confluence cloud.

  • Contribyte, a CNV1 partner, has developed an integration that may help meet the goals of teams needing a confluence integration. Please follow the link to learn more:

  • Briefly Contribyte Integration works so that it shows basically any VersionOne Rest API query results embedded in a Confluence page. User can define query clause and filters. results are shown in table format or just live links. Requires hosted Confluence i.e. Server or Data Center. Supports both Cloud and hosted VersionOne.