There is no way to currently get access to the raw data behind the Work Item Cycle Time chart displayed via the storyboard. The only thing plotted on the chart is the mean but having access to the raw data (dates for state transitions, individual cycle time of backlog items, etc.) would be very useful for teams that want to do a more detailed analysis of the cycle time.

Putting an 'export' similar to other data sets in V1 would suffice.


  • As a scrum master I want a column on my team’s stories for cycle time so that I report on individual story cycle time so they I know specifically which stories or types of stories are taking more or less time.

    At the end of each increment I put together some metrics for my Kanban team including cycle time. This last program increment saw a large jump in cycle time but I currently have no way to realistically report on what stories were the culprit of the jump so that the team can talk about it.

    Having a field that shows actively cycle time that increments daily may or may not be practical but at minimum a ‘cycle time at close’ that populates the cycle time for the story when the story is closed so that it can be used in reporting would suffice.

  • I've done this type of reporting as ScrumMaster for my team so we could analyze trends and where to improve throughput. It takes a lot of time to open each individual workitem, scroll through the history, enter start and end dates for each status and blocking issue in a spreadsheet, and then calculate the cycle time for each status for each story.

  • Not only should this report have the raw data available, but every standard report in VersionOne should as well. I'd even be happy to have to run a separate report to get this information - it is critically important for analysis of what's actually going on within my teams. I would have to hire an intern to read through the Activity Stream across dozens of stories at a time to gather this info because I simply don't have time to do that, and that's really not something anyone should have to do anyway considering V1 reports are already compiling the raw data somewhere. Just show it to us! :)