Right now you have to visit both the task board and test board. It'd be nice if there was a combined view showing both items allowing users to sign up, move items, etc all in one board.


  • yes please! For us having separate dev and test views also reinforces the divide we already have between developers and testers.

  • Another suggestion would be under Filter: [ ] Show Tests (similar to [ ] Show Closed Items), so we can see "Tests" under Taskboard. (Or vice versa).

  • While I would still like a combined view, a small step forward would be if we could easily flip back and forth between the two without losing sight of the story of interest. Maybe an addition to the drop down list story

  • We use different columns between the two boards, but I still think this makes sense. I can either a true combined board, where I can't drop tasks on test case columns and vice versa. Of if not that than a a side by side view, where the boards share a summary and backlog column.

  • This would be a tremendous improvement for us. Right now we have to keep switching back and forth between the task board and test board during our daily scrums. This is a real pain.

  • This discrepancy is highlighted by the fact that there are two separate "stand-up dashboards". This violates a Agile principle of cross functional teams by assuming that there are two stand-up meetings, one for developers and one for testers.

  • Although, you can see the combined information in both the Product Backlog and the Detail Tracking, the Taskboard and Testboard are much more user friendly. I agree that there should not be 2 separate dashboards. Another possibility would be to allow us to display both boards at the same time in the TeamRoom

  • Hoping to fan the flames here....We have some teams that don't use the test task and test board at all, but then we lose the abilty to build and use test sets.

  • Plus One! ... A combined view would help my projects too.

  • Plus one, this should be configurable.

  • Hoping to move this up the list a bit. As noted above, having two separate boards seems quite "un-agile"

  • +1, my tests and tasks are often related and drive each other. Constantly switching between tests and tasks is a lot of wasted effort and time.

  • We made the decision not to use the Test workitem solely due to this issue. There have been several alternatives that seem reasonable in this thread. Please consider.

  • +1
    I would echo the comments already made here. We find it difficult to swap back and forth between the two views.
    An integrated view would really simplify our stand-up workflow and cut maybe 1/3rd of the time off.

  • @versionOne - any update on this?

  • It would be easier and meet everyone's need perhaps to just use the sticky view functionality on one collapsed board. you'd be able to display both or either. Each user would have the ability to choose what they want to see, you'd earn back the screen real estate in the toggle bar by having one less toggle in the view type group.

    So maybe a [] tasks [] tests [] both option at the top would do the trick.