As a Scrum Master I want to be able to copy this test plan and/or individual suites to other (sub) releases (e.g. V1.0.0) so I can have a good overview of what a regression looks like for different project versions.

Slightly longer:
I have set up a regression plan with several regression suites in my release planning. This plan and the corresponding suites are assigned to the parent project ('Product Name').

Eventually I would like to copy it my plan to Version 1.0.0. Since Version 1.1.0 adds more and different features I need to update my regression suites. For Version 2 I might want to remove some tests or suites and add new ones, so copying makes more sense to me than using one test plan at the "Product Name" level and generating test sets for each sub-project.

The projects tree looks similar to this:
- Product Name
-- Version 1
--- V1.0.0
--- V1.1.0
-- Version 2
--- V2.0.0


  • I'm still having issues with this. I created a regression "bucket" and entered a test set (after assigning the regression tests). I failed one test in test set a. I created test set b, and passed one of the tests. I changed one test set project to : winter release. The second test set project to : spring release. I'm still not able to filter the reporting results so that I'm seeing only the test results for each release (project). So fare we are forced to use separate release buckets for regression, creating one test set for each release.

    Steve Trask

  • I have an exact same usecase and unfortunately there is no solution yet on this.
    Has anyone have a wokraound for this use case?

  • Regression suite are difficult and I would like to see this usecase implemented.