o Currently in V1, you can block a story with a blocking issue. The request was to be able to block tasks and tests with an issue; i.e. to complete the story of ‘search for a book’, the task for completing the UI is blocked as we wait for a sign-off from the UX designer.
o The catch here being that of course if a task or test is blocked, the story is blocked. However, its beneficial to know what part of the story can’t be complete and what can make progress.


  • We've solved for this via existing means by creating a backlog item status "blocked". If any task is blocked (maybe w/o putting the whole story in jeopardy), we are using that status to denote this.

  • We also created a "blocked" status, but it doesn't flow well, because the other status represent a linear flow of the stage of progress on the feature (e.g. Defined, In Progress, Done, Accepted). Blocked-ness can happen at any of these stages, and should be trackable separately. This separation of "blocking", and the ability to mark it at the task level, is one of the things I really miss about Rally since I was asked to switch to Version One.

  • I'll echo Deborah's comment. I used Rally on a previous project and I just noticed as I'm setting up my first project in VersionOne that I can have the team show that a "task" is blocked, that was very helpful in Rally and it was very visible to the entire team where the roadblock was at.

  • I agree with Deborah and Nathan. Is V1 doing anything to change/update the software to help with this?

  • I would also like to know if the ability to block a single task within a backlog item is going to find it's way into a future release.

  • This is obviously missing especially for Backlog items that have multiple tasks running in parallel. No need to guess which tasks are blocked and which are not. Also helps with daily meetings running faster.

  • +1 What's up VersionOne Team? Please add this feature!

  • It seems this has languished here in the idea queue for far too long. Does anyone have a "good" work-around? Using a 'blocked' story and adding tasks there breaks the flow of the story and adds "something else that must be tracked" to pass a story.

  • +1!

  • +1 It's annoying to me that a story with multiple tasks can not show that 1 of them is blocked in a meaningful way. Having to create a whole story to move the blocked task to doesn't quite cut it for me.

  • +1

  • I've used JIRA in the past and one of our main focuses in our morning stand ups was reviewing tasks in the blocked column. I was very surprised to see that this did not exist in Version One as it is a fundamental piece of the stand up. It would be so much easier for scrum masters to help remove barriers if they could quickly see what tasks are blocked. Thanks for your consideration of adding this feature.