Backlog items can be assigned a priority of Critical, High, Medium, and Low. I'd like to be able to set an absolute priority ranking, where there's a clear number 1 and a clear number 2. This could be secondary to C-H-M-L, but at least I'd be able to see backlog items sorted in priority order from top to bottom amongst the High's rather than an alpha list.


  • Add a custom field - call it "Rank" - add the field to your view, and sort by it

  • Note that you can drag and drop to rank items individually. The Priority values are a first pass. The drag and drop allows you to fine tune. See for a demo.

  • Agree with Jason. When we initially used V1, we did that exact thing. Note: We stopped doing that after a month as it ended up being more work than needed with all of the other ways to display ranking. Plus, absolute ranking is really relative ;-)