It would be nice if the template feature could be used when generating backlog items or defects from assets such as the Request or Issue. As it is, when a BLI or defect is created from a request or issue, all of the common tasks need to be added manually which is a pain especially when templates exist.


  • This item will streamline our workflow by allowing the use of Templates when generating a Backlog Item or Defect Item from a request. After human error this gap is the primary source of missing Tasks and Tests.

  • This would cut way down on stories missing tasks...

  • Definitely would save time since we wouldn't have to manually add tasks.

  • Supported in one part of application. Add to all generate capabilites throughout application.

  • I have a template created that provides the basic tasks needed for each story, has a test template attached, and provides links to our design documentation and our development documentation. This works great when creating a new item from the template. Not being able to use this when creating a backlog item or defect from an issue or request makes the process tedious and frustrating as some team members forget to include all the required items on a story when creating it this way.

    I know some of the details on an issue overlap with those that can be defined in a template. To me the important part of the issue or request that I need when creating the backlog item or defect is the content in the description field. It would be nice if the content from the issue or request could be appended to the end of the description that I have defined in my selected template item.