Add ability to apply a workspace template to a project or set of projects - this would allow me to configure a standard "Scrum template", and a standard "Kanban template" to a given project or project family


  • A feature like this would save us a significant amount of effort.

  • Agreed!

  • Yes, this would be a great way to provide some consistency and re-use of workspace parameters.

  • The problem is that the current workspace implementation does not scale well in larger organizations that have many projects. We loved the workspace capability when it was first released, but it has become VERY time consuming almost to the point of being unusable when the number of workspaces grew to more than a dozen or so. It also impacts consistency when you have to manually check every field in every workspace.

    Workspaces should be managed as global assets that are attached to projects in much the same way that sprint schedules are managed. That way, multiple projects could share workspaces.

  • I agree - it's a major administration overload for big organizations. (I wish I had the same number of votes, as the number of licences we hold)

    At least, I think it should be possible to copy a project workspace from another project.

  • This is also useful if you have multiple teams with different boards, sharing the same release project. If you setup a child (team) project under the release, then you need to constantly rebuild your workspace, which is a major overhead. The only alternative is to make every team within the release align their workspace.

  • Good idea. You could also vote for the API alternative at

  • We are just starting to allow project workspaces and requiring they be setup by teams rather than project to keep some consistency. But even only having a small number has already proved to be time consuming. Having a Kanban template and a Scrum template that I could apply to different projects that are not children of the same parent would be a great benefit!!

  • Agree 100%. Also, having API access to the VersionOne Project Workspace would be very valuable to us. (see Olivier C.'s comment and post above)