If the notifications contained more information of the details and whatnot, they would be infinitely more useful.


  • The rule of thumb here should be that I should be able to see what changed in the email without having to open up the browser and going to version one.

    I should clearly see what the value of the fields were before and after the change.

    I know this one is 2 years old but this is an area of the product that is very weak. The number of subscriptions is great, but the content is next to useless.

    Please, please consider this one.

  • This would be a huge help to our project team if the emails contained details on what has changed rather than having to open the browser and figure out what changed.

  • We have many on our team who currently get the email, but because there is not enough information in the email, they are forced to open Version One. The email is of little benefit, other than a notifier. Our users could use the time savings of more information in the email.