If I could publish a roadmap to SharePoint, that would be awesome.
This would also provide a workaround to the issue that one has to have a V1 logon to view a roadmap, which may not hold true for senior executives.


  • Yes it would be great if we can externalise the Roadmap from VersionOne so that sharing with mangement and stakeholders is easier.

  • The Roadmap does need to be exportable in some fashion if stakeholders are to be a "real" part of the product development lifecycle. We all want to be agile and stakeholder driven, but here the stakeholders don't have VersionOne access (and we don't want them to have that).

    We've been using Excel for a while, but we should use VersionOne for its deep connections to epics, features and PBIs. We do have online screen shares, but if we move to VersionOne, we'll need something we can send to them and/or include in powerpoint presentations.

    Stakeholders generally know about Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. Saving the document as a web page, and getting them to open it in a specific browser that it renders properly is a big problem. Maybe provide a light on-line mechanism for misc stakeholder viewing?

  • one year ago in the planning?
    how much in advance are you planning, guys? ;-)

  • Any update on the status of this?