Currently when you split a backlog item to carry it into the next iteration, the attachments do not move into the next backlog item. This is creating problems for teams as they are using the attachments to carry complex acceptance criteria such as visio drawings, multiple pages of bullets, and etc.

The current work around is for someone on the team to go in and download all attachments from the original backlog item and then attach them to the split item.


  • It happens to us from time to time that we refer to an attached item in the story description. If the story is split then the new assigned resource gets lost because the referred attachment is not there. My vote to this feature.

  • The attachments should stay with the story. It's providing information for the same story, just like the story details.

  • Anything related to a Story or a Defect like Comments, Attachments etc must stay with it when its being SPLIT.

  • To me this is a no brainer - of course supporting information should be available from the story being worked on, original or split.

    I've been told that you can get back to the attachments, etc as the parent story is referenced from the split story however what's lost is the visual indicator 'additional details' in the backlog so show that there is supporting information to go and look at.

  • Forgot to add:

    I've also been told that I could use 'copy' but this then you have to adjust all of the estimates.

    Neither option given is the correct thing to do.

    Can this be resolved?

  • This is also a big problem for us, please consider adding this feature since otherwise splitting provides big problems as data is lost (from the new item).

  • This is not really an "idea", it's a straight up defect. This should just be fixed without sitting around for voting for over a year.

  • It's been more than one year since this original post. Where is the action on this? I agree that it's not an idea, but a defect. How is it prioritized in the product backlog for the next release?

  • When I first saw how this feature worked, I couldn't believe the conversations and attachments do not get moved to the object which is used to carry the work forward. I agree with the previous comments that this is a defect that should be fixed ASAP. As is, it creates more work to manually copy the reference information over.

  • Most of the time, our Product Owners and Dev Team use comment on user stories to interact. Devs can easily see the answers to the questions they ask to POs. For teams working overseas with an average of 11 hrs of timezone difference, it's very usefull.
    To comment on this specific Ticket, the Split feature does not carry comments and attachments to the new backlog item. This is an issue for us. We consider this as a defect and reported it but we got told that this how it is.
    I can clearly see that we're not alone; not only us consider this as a defect.
    Please V1, do something :(

  • I agree with everyone here, this fix would be a big help.

    Attachments, Conversations, Requirements, and Request are critical to a V1 ticket. They should all be carried over to the current split ticket.

  • Totally agree, the entire story should be carried over when split not just the story text.

  • I agree. Attachments should be carried over on a split story

  • Please consider functionality for attachments and conversations to follow the split they originated from.