Mercurial is a very popular source control system in the open source community. It'd be great if VersionOne supported it. I see that it supports Subversion and Mercurial is similar to Subversion (Joel Spolsky calls it Subversion 2.0). I looked on your site and I'm fairly certain that VersionOne doesn't integrate with Mercurial already.


  • a "must have"

  • I fully agree - we are looking to migrate from SVN to Mercurial but will not do so until there is an integration for versionone in place

  • This needs to happen!

  • This summer we saw that VersionOne added Git, but we just recently decided to use Mercurial instead (the two DCVS systems are fairly similar). Please consider adding this popular source control provider!

  • We've migrated from Subversion to Mercurial about an year ago and Mercurial support is something we surely miss.

  • Any news on this?

  • A must-have for us as well. Arguably just as popular as Git..

  • TargetProcess has Mercurial integration, when you will add it?

  • Please increase priority on this.

  • Mercurial Use is growing in our organization - being able to integrate with VersionOne will help us expand our VersionOne usage too!

  • We have been using Mercurial for years and just started with VersionOne. Lack of Mercurial support is a major showstopper in our development process.

  • I started this thread a year ago and after using both mercurial and git in that time I'm completely ambivalent about mercurial. Git is superior.

  • Mercurial support would be very useful for our team. Both Git and Mercurial are great tools but Git is not an option. Having Mercurial support would help us further our case for VersionONE over something that already supports it like JIRA.

  • We are very interested in tying requirements (stories and test cases) to code. Since we use mercurial, we need this integration. Please consider upping the priority of this request.