Currently it is not possible to add estimated effort to regression tests. They has to be added manually to generated test set.


  • This is a comment I have made to V1 before. I want to know my past detail estimate.

  • Regression tests cannot be burned down individually, forces you to burn down at the backlog level. This is inconsistent with the way other work items are tracked. It creates major problems for us when tests from a single regression suite are assigned to multiple people.
    We would like to see regression tests added to the "Tracking Level" section on the configuration page. This would allow different organizations to choose how they want to track regression tests just as they can do ith backlog items and defects.

  • Is there any way to preserve the estimate when an RT is created? In our experience, the individual tests are of sufficiently small granularity that the time required is not influenced by either the target environment or the other tests in the suite. So, as a result of this design choice, our users will have to manually reenter the detailed estimates for each of the generated Tests (which is can be a significant number and burden).

  • It doesn't make sense to me that an AcceptanceTest has a time estimate, but a RegressionTest object does not - considering it creates an AcceptanceTest when the TestSuite is generated

  • Because our team is including regression testing in our weekly scrums, we need to accommodate these efforts into our planning. Often the test sets are a little large - and are assigned to multiple people. We end up creating additional testing stories JUST to be able to estimate these individual regression testing tasks, muddying up the waters. Making the test sets small, is not feasible for us, since we have so many. This would help our estimating efforts immensely.

  • This seems like an obvious flaw. I'd like to see this implemented as well.

  • How many votes do we need to get this one approved?? Get all of your teams to log in and vote.

    Our team just signed up with the Ultimate Edition and we love what V1 has to offer. This however, is creating a major flaw in our ability to effectively plan for testing activity, at the individual level, during a given sprint.

  • The main reason we bought Ultimate Edition was for the regression test capability. Our QA department is stunned to learn that you can set Detail Estimate and To Do values for acceptance tests in a Story Backlog item or Defect, but you cannot for a Test Set!

    Here we do QA sprints at the end of each release cycle where we generate a huge number of Test Sets and do heavy regression testing. A test suite in one of our test sets can easily contain a hundred tests, but all we can do is set Detail Estimate and To Do at the Test Set level. This severely undermines the usefulness of the burndown graph that we want to use to measure our progress with testing during the course of the sprint. Come on, VersionOne, make "Track at Task/Test level only" work for Test Sets!

    In fact, in our view, this is not a feature request, it is a critical DEFECT that should be fixed ASAP.

  • I can't say it better then Terry H. did. Ditto.

  • When you eventually support Detail Estimate and To Do in individual Acceptance Tests in a Test Set, there is another important consideration. When our QA people are testing using a Test Set, they use the Test Board and drag each test to the Passed or Failed column. When this happens, it would make sense to automatically set the To Do to 0 for that test. Otherwise, it obliges the tester to have to go back later and set To Do of each test to 0. If this capability is missing, I foresee this being the next complaint. Thanks.

  • I agree with Terry and I hope this hasn't fallen off the radar. This is starting to look like a trend, with partially completed items being released and then on to adding more features. It does not bode well for the long term viability of the product.

  • I am convinced there are no plans to make the regression test features useful.

  • This is a crucial requirement for us as well, in fact, I don't think it's worth using regression test functionality without it!

  • I'm currently in the middle of doing the testing setup for a new project, which will require around 500 Acceptance Tests and 500 Regression Tests. Because of the limited functionality of RTs, I'll be forced to create ALL my tests as Acceptance Tests, so I can allocate them to people and burn down estimates, etc. I'll also need to put a "magic code" in the RT titles, so I can single them out with search criteria.

  • We actually had to change our process and do our estimation at the task level instead of the test level (for stories and defects). We made this change thinking that we would follow the same methodology when burning our hours against a test set, but lone behold - not only can you not estimate and log effort at the AT level on a test set, you cant even generate tasks on a test set.. This is a no brainer for me. Allow users to use AT's consistently across ALL work items. Furthermore, users should be able to create tasks on ALL work items to be consistent across the board.

  • Plus one, please!

  • The whole test work planning and execution in VersionOne is long over due for a review and improvement.
    We also need to plan and manage Regression and acceptance test sprints

  • This seems like a no brainer and should definitely be included as part of the product.

  • Please fix this, as Seth M. above states, 'users should be able to create tasks on ALL work items to be consistent across the board'.

  • It will be easier to burn hours against the test cases run. This would be very helpful. Please fix this.

  • This is a crucial requirement for us as well, in fact, I don't think it's worth using regression test functionality without it!

  • This is a major shortcoming and is going to force our testers to have to look elsewhere when it comes to regression testing.